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Coronado® was founded in 1997 by David Lunt and Geraldine Hogan as Coronado Technology Group. David Lunt’s 40 plus years experience at the forefront of optical design and innovation translated into patented technology allowing the classical Fabry-Pérot etalon to be constructed in a novel way. Tremendous demand changed the initial concept of producing a few hydrogen-alpha (H-a) telescopes a month for the advanced solar amateur. As word got out that these telescopes and fi lters produced amazing views of the Sun, Coronado grew rapidly. As demand vastly exceeded the small company’s ability to produce, the owners of Coronado decided to sell their operation to a company with the experience in higher volume manufacturing but still had then dedication to quality and detail that Coronado was known for. That company is Meade Instruments. Since 1997 Meade Instruments’ Coronado brand has grown to become the largest selling solar telescopes and filters.

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