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A Way to Better Imaging.

Touptek cameras open the world of astrophotography for amateur astronomers. The manufacturer not only designs and manufactures cameras, but also provides an all-in-one solution with dedicated software and matching adapters.

Due to its high-quality products, Touptek has become a recognized worldwide brand name. The success has a reason: continuous research in advanced areas such as microscopy, medicine and industry.

From the Touptek cameras one can expect:
•  CDD and CMOS sensors with low electronic noise;
•  high sensitivity;
•  Wide application range either for planet photography, guiding or deep-sky imaging.

As the dedicated software is included with the cameras, there is one less thing to worry about! Therefore, everyone can start immediately imaging and exploring the universe! is Touptek’s general importer in Europe. What does this exactly mean? That we are in touch with the manufacturer and are able to offer you a first-class service, with bug fixing and frequent software updates.

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