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How to use the new navigation system

Our online shop opened on 7 April 2009 with a newly created design. The core of the shop is a fundamentally new navigation system. Here, we show you three different ways of finding products in our on-line shop.

Method 1: Filter navigation on the left-hand side



This part of the navigation system makes it possible for you to specifically search for particular products. If you are interested, for example, in a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with GoTo control, then click first on ‘Telescopes’ , then on the ‘Schmidt-Cassegrain’ type of build, and finally on ‘yes’ in the ‘GoTo’ box. You will already be able to see all the equipment corresponding to these criteria displayed!

Have a go - the possibilities are nearly endless! The sequence in which you select the filter criteria is completely irrelevant.

If you have selected a particular criterion, e.g. ‘Aperture 114-130mm’, then by clicking on the ‘+more’ box and ‘Select multiple items’ boxes, you can then select a wider range of this criterion. For example, by clicking on ‘Aperture 130-150mm’ you will then able to see all the telescopes with an aperture starting at 114mm and ending at 150mm.


Method 2: Quick-Links in the drop-down menus at the top of the page


At the top of the page, this additional navigation system gives you the possibility of getting very deep into the different categories with only a single click. For example, position the mouse pointer over ‘Telescopes’, to show the drop-down menu, and click on ‘Omegon’ over to the right, you can then see all the telescopes manufactured under the Omegon brand.

Since space is limited here, only the most important links are indicated – if you cannot find something here then please use the navigation system on the left-hand side of the page, which allows access to all the products available in this on-line shop.

Method 3: Search product database by searchterms


Naturally, the on-line shop also offers full text search option. Simply enter a search word in order to be shown all the relevant items.

This feature of the on-line shop is soon to be linked with the filter navigation on the left-hand side and thereby greatly improved - we are working on it.