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January 8 2024, Stefan Rieger

Swarovski AX Visio 10x32

BEYOND SEEING – Swarovski Optik wants to usher in nothing less than a new era of wildlife observation with the launch of the AX VISIO.
The first smart binoculars that allow you to observe nature, identify what you see and share your discoveries.

Swarovski AX Visio 10x32

The AX VISIO combines classic observation with the digital world. The integrated apps allow you to identify over 9000 animal species. Birds, mammals, butterflies and dragonflies are stored in the database – not just on the basis of the picture that was taken on your smartphone. Moreover, the identification result is displayed directly in the visualization. You can also mark landmarks, pass on the binoculars and your companion will be guided to these points by arrows. The integrated compass helps with navigation. Up to 5 mobile devices can be connected to the AX VISIO. This means that your companions can also watch what you are seeing live on their smartphone or tablet. It’s the ideal function for nature hikes.

Swarovski AX Visio 10x32

The optics are based on proven Swarovision technology and show you our nature in brilliant colors with outstanding brightness and sharpness. The 10x magnification allows you to recognize numerous details.

You can already pre-order these top-notch binoculars exclusively in our shop. Delivery will start at the beginning of February.


December 19 2023, Stefan Rieger


The name STEINER has been synonymous with ruggedness and reliability for many decades. This is exactly what hunting is all about. No matter what time of day or night, you must rely on your equipment. That is why hunters and nature observers all over the world trust the Bayreuth company.


The Nighthunter 8×56 porro prism binoculars with their Sports Autofocus System or the Ranger LRF binoculars with integrated rangefinder with a measuring range of up to 1800 metres are especially interesting. And have a good look at the intuitively operated thermal cameras of the Nighthunter series and the hunting riflescopes of the Ranger series. The Sights  and the riflescopes in the M5Xi, M7Xi and M8Xi series are ideal for sports shooters.

ZEISS cashback campaign: Up to €450 back on your new binoculars

December 4 2023, Stefan Rieger

ZEISS CashbackHave you been thinking of buying a new pair of ZEISS binoculars for some time, or would you like to offer one as a Christmas present? ZEISS and us will make the decision a little easier for you.

ZEISS will refund you up to €450 after your purchase, depending on the model:

Here you can find more information about the campaign, eligible countries (sorry, the offer does not apply to sales to the UK) and here you can register your binoculars!

Take advantage of this promotion between 01.12.2023 and 29.02.2024 and get your money back from ZEISS!

Black Weekend Sale: prices slashed on over 200 products. This weekend only!

November 24 2023, Anita Maier

Are you looking for a good bargain for Christmas? Then take advantage of our Black Weekend sales. Among these special offers there is something for every astronomer and every budget. Prices apply from Friday 24th until Monday 27th November 2023.


Top Deals of Black Weekend!



Omegon Binocular Hunter 10×42

Save 70 Euros now!


Omegon wide-field binoculars for star field observing 2.1×42

Save 40 Euros now!



Omegon Nightstar 20+40×100 Doublet binoculars with interchangeable eyepieces

Save 300 Euros now!




Omegon Telescope N 150/750 EQ-3

Save 70 Euros now!


Meade Telescope AC 90/900 Polaris EQ

Save 200 Euros now!



Skywatcher Telescope N 200/1000 Explorer 200P EQ5

Save 150 Euros now!

The sale is for a limited time only and while supplies last, for each article!

Seize the opportunity to save and order your Christmas presents this weekend!

Special winter offer: discounts on Nikon Prostaff P3 and Monarch M7 series of binoculars

November 8 2023, Stefan Rieger

Take advantage of Nikon’s winter discount which runs from 27.10.2023 to 29.01.2024. On selected binoculars in the Prostaff P3 and Monarch M7 series you will receive a discount of €30 or even €60!

The details:

This discount has already been deducted from the listed price.

So no matter whether you are buying binoculars for yourself or as a gift this Christmas, you can take advantage of this promotion, which is valid until 29.01.2024!

Special offer: up to 25% discount on thermal imaging cameras and clip-ons from ZEISS

November 8 2023, Stefan Rieger

ZEISS Wärmebildkameras DTI 6

Just in time for the long winter nights, ZEISS has lowered their recommended retail price on some thermal imaging cameras and clip-ons. Now you can really improve your chances of bagging your prey at dusk!

The following products are currently on special offer: ZEISS DTI 6/40 and DTI 6/20 thermal imaging cameras and the DTC 3/25 and DTC 3/38 clip-ons.

ZEISS Wärmebild-Vorsatzgeräte DTC 3

These price reductions are valid until 31.12.2023! Don’t miss this opportunity to save up to 25% compared to the former recommended retail prices.

Special offer: thermal cameras for bargain hunters, save over 25%!

October 6 2023, Stefan Rieger

You can choose between the entry-level Thermalfox model, the Thermalfox Wi-Fi which features Wi-Fi connectivity, and the LCD screen which is suitable for both devices.

This offer is not only aimed at hunters. I also find it can be extremely helpful to use a thermal imaging camera when nature-watching to detect birds or other animals based on their thermal signature before locating and identifying them with binoculars or a spotting scope. The LCD screen is especially useful for finding birds in trees, or for nocturnal rabbit and hare counts.

Omegon Thermalfox mit optinalem LCD-Screen

So be as smart as a fox and bag a quick bargain! Save more than 25%

This offer is only valid while stocks last.

Swarovski / Kahles Roadshow 2023: we were there!

October 5 2023, Stefan Rieger

Last Monday the time had come: Swarovski Optik Germany invited the hunting trade to a roadshow in the 4-star Panorama Hotel Waldenburg, close to Schwäbisch Hall in Germany. The invitation was extended to at least 30 specialist dealers and so naturally we also went along to watch the latest product innovations from the Swarovski and Kahles brands being presented in detail, allowing us to become acquainted with the most important product features.

Of course, we want to share this experience with you. The following products were presented: Swarovski  Z8i+ series of rifle scopes, Kahles K18i-2 rifle scope , Kahles TI+ thermal cameras, Swarovski  EL Range 32 binoculars and the new universal  VPA 2 smartphone adapter including adapter rings.

Let us take a look at the products in detail:

Swarovski Z8i+ riflescopes:
Especially designed for the driven hunt or stalking to ensure the widest possible field of view and excellent viewing comfort. Swarovski Zielfernrohr Z8i+: Profi für die DrückjagdAvailable in two versions and with different reticles. 0.75-6×20 and 1-8×24. Both models offer optimal viewing comfort thanks to a large eyepiece diameter of more than 51mm. As soon as you take position with your weapon you can immediately locate the target. The 0.75 models offer a field of view of max. 64.4 m/100 meters. The models with the 1-8x magnification offer a field of view of up to 50 metres. Two throw levers are included for quick magnification changes. You can choose to fit either the black or orange coloured lever. The models with the 4A-IF reticle are particularly interesting. In addition to the classic 4A reticle, you can also superimpose an illuminated ring over the centre. This helps with target acquisition and determining the correct lead distance.

KAHLES K18i-2 1-8×24: This rifle scope was developed in collaboration with leading sports shooters from the IPSC and 3-gun disciplines. Kahles Zielfernrohr für IPSC-Schützen K18i-2 1-8x24The special 3GR reticle with several aiming points allows you to stay on the spot at different distances without needing to make any elevation adjustment. In addition, the customer also benefits from a stable 34mm centre tube and the large 50m field of view at 100m distance. It also features a fantastic view through the large eye box. This model also comes with two different throw levers, although in this case they do not differ in colour but in size.



Kahles Hela TI+ WärmebildkamerasKAHLES TI+ Thermal Cameras: This new series of thermal imaging cameras focuses on the essentials of hunting. All the necessary settings can be made with just two buttons. A Wi-Fi connection, photo or video mode have been deliberately omitted to keep its operation as simple as possible. The new VOx sensor delivers high 640 x 512 pixel resolution with a pixel size of 12 microns and a NETD of < 20 mK. This ensures images are rich in detail and with excellent contrast. The user can choose between Black Hot, White Hot, and Red Only colour modes. The special housing design prevents the device from rolling. An automatic standby switch, triggered by a tilt and motion sensor, protects the battery and prevents the face from being illuminated when the device is removed from the eye. Available with a 35mm lens for a long range of up to 2,479 metres, or a 18mm lens for a wide field of view of 44m/100m.

Swarovski EL Range 32:

EL Range 32 - Leichtes Fernglas mit Entfernungsmesser

These new binoculars with rangefinder especially surprised us with its low weight of less than 700 grammes. They are available in 8×32 and 10×32. Besides, the design is also an essential feature of this binoculars. The narrow connecting bridge and the omission of a front connecting bridge, as with the 42 models, make it extremely easy to use, even with large hands or gloves. Another advantage is the ability to freely assign functions to the two operating keys. This makes them much easier to use, especially for left-handed users. Of course, this model also offers the familiar tracking assistant, which helps, for example, when narrowing down the target area. The binoculars can be configured to your personal requirements using the EL RANGE configurator app and offer a measuring range of 9 – 1,500 metres. We would especially recommend these to mountain hunters, or hunters who want to keep their equipment as light as possible and do not need to use the binoculars right up till the last light fades. The optional FRR forehead rest increases image stability, especially after a strenuous climb.

Last but not least, we have something for DIGISCOPING fans: Swarovski has updated its universal adapter and presented the VPA 2. Neuer universeller Smartphoneadapter: Swarovski VPA 2With its generous dimensions and prominent lens units, it is now also suitable for modern smartphones. In addition, its operation has been significantly simplified and the mechanics improved. The adjustment device for selecting the right lens is now mechanically more stable and the adapter ring is much easier to attach. There are three different clamp adapters that can be used for different binoculars by means of inner rings. These must be ordered as an optional extra.

CA-Bs for all CL series binoculars (Companion, Nomad, Mountain, Curio and Pocket)Swarovski Klemmadapter für den VPA 2

CA-B for all EL, EL Range, NL Pure and SLC series of binoculars and the BTX eyepiece module

CA-S for ATX/STX, ATC/STC, ATS/STS series spotting scopes and the STR spotting scope.
It is not recommended for the CTS.

These new products will become fully available during October. Secure your new model soon, we expect supply bottlenecks when deliveries begin.

Celestron NATURE DX binoculars now with ED lenses

October 5 2023, Stefan Taube

Binoculars from Celestron’s NATURE DX range are ideal for nature lovers and hikers. They are weatherproof, compact and lightweight – ideal for on the go!

However, the price of these binoculars is perhaps the most impressive thing. Although they have all the features of more expensive brands, they are offered at an exceptionally attractive price. This makes them the ideal companion for all hillwalkers, skywatchers and, in particular, for amateur bird watchers.

The latter benefit especially from the NATURE DX binoculars with ED lenses. The extra-low dispersion lenses provide true colour images at high resolution and contrast – with almost no colour abberations. This is particularly beneficial when observing colourful plumage on bright days.

Binoculars from the NATURE DX range are true all-rounders for all nature lovers!

Up to 40% discount for curious people: entry-level microscopes for your hobby

September 1 2023, Marcus Schenk

Why not immerse yourself in the world of the microcosm this autumn? You can save up to 40% in September and October with our new promotion on entry-level microscopes.

Whether you already have some experience in microscopy, or are a complete newcomer: the microscopes in our promotion offer you everything you need. With precise optics, easy handling, and versatile functions.

The different types included in the offer

Biological microscopes are suitable for students and beginners who want to dive deep into biological structures. Binocular reflected light microscopes are ideal for coin and mineral collectors and for any larger objects you want to examine in more detail. Maybe you are a detectorist and want to take a closer look at your treasures. LCD microscopes have a screen that allows you to view your objects comfortably – without having to look through an eyepiece. Hand-held microscopes are a good choice if you are in a hurry. You will find models from this wide range included in our offer.

So, grab your new microscope at a special price – the offer is valid until 31.10.2023 or as long as stocks last.