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Shopping in our online shop

How do I find an article in the shop?

Use our navigation links on the side for this. In this shop, navigation is based on the idea of ‘filters’ – for example you could first select the category ‘Telescopes’ and then use the filters as different criteria, such as ‘Type of build’, ‘Manufacturer’ or ‘Price’, for finding exactly the products you are interested in. You can find more information about navigating and searching under: how filtering and searching works.

Tip: If you know the article number for a product, you can enter this in our ‘Find...’ box to take you directly to the corresponding product.

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How does ordering work and what should I bear in mind?


You have selected the products you wish to purchase and would like to order them. But if you still have any questions about these products, our experienced staff and experts will be more than happy to assist you: Contact.

It is also possible to order by telephone, but it is normally simpler for you to order directly from within the online shop so you are sure that all the important details have been sent correctly.

Note: Please ensure that you give your email address (if you have one), as otherwise you will not benefit from the advantages of our email service.
You can correct all entries right up to actually sending off your order. Please send off your order only after you have carefully checked all the details on the final order page.


You will automatically receive a confirmation of order notification from us by email, including your personal details. This will provide you with the correct information regarding completion of payment and delivery.
The invoice total is made up as follows:
The total for the articles in the shopping cart
+ delivery charges
= Total sum

There are no hidden costs or special service charges with us. On the contrary, payment in advance means that you receive a 2% discount on the total sum!


Our logistics partner will always send your order sufficiently well packed. Parcels to addresses abroad are similarly despatched via our logistics service provider.
Your purchases are always sent with all important documents included, such as manuals for example, and of course the bill includes the VAT details as well as any necessary additional documents involved, such as customs papers, etc.

Note regarding telescope orders:
As this type of equipment tends to be quite heavy, it is often dispatched in two separate packages. Please do not be concerned if these packages do not happen to arrive on the same day. We also try to include all the additional articles from your order in the telescope packages in order save you extra delivery costs. When unpacking your purchases, please go through all the packing extremely carefully - smaller items, such as filters, can be very difficult to spot.

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Where do I find my bill?

As a rule, your bill is in the red envelope on the outside of the package. If for some reason this is missing, we will happily send you a copy by email.

If the delivery address differs from the address the invoice is to be sent to, you will receive the invoice separately by post.

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How do I redeem a voucher?

As soon as all the articles you want to order are in the shopping cart, you can redeem your voucher or promotion code by entering the voucher code. You will see the relevant link in our shopping cart: ‘Do you want to encash a voucher?’  Click here!’. Please then simply enter the relevant code.

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What does ‘best price guarantee’ mean?

The best price guarantee is a special feature of our online shop. Maybe you have seen an article elsewhere at a better price. Then tell us! We give a best price guarantee on most articles. This means that you pay the lower price but still profit from our high level of service. On the pages detailing the products, under the price you will see: ’too expensive?’. Simply click on this, fill out the form and click on ‘send’ to email it to us. We will then let you know within 24h whether we can meet the lower price.

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