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Product no.: 60322

Disc for the Sega Homestar Planetarium - The star Jabbah, Scenic

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Product description

This is a projection screen for Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium. It extends the possibilities of your planetarium! The disc is manufactured to a very high quality and specially designed for use with the Homestar Pro.

This disc shows the remarkable star 'Jabbah' (Ny Scorpii) in the constellation of Scorpius. It is actually in a multiple star system of six, or perhaps even seven stars. That is, there are actually seven stars, which - divided into subsystems - orbit each other. This 'star' is 460 light-years away and is embedded in a compact red nebula. Other nebulae visible are IC 4592 and IC 4801.

What does 'Scenic' mean? These discs consist of two parts. The main disc shows the actual theme. There is also a second disc showing a foreground - for example trees. When the motor is on, only the main dial turns, while the foreground is stationary. This combination results in an attractive effect.

The first figure shows the disc with the main theme, the second figure shows the combination of the main theme and the foreground.



Fits ...
Sega Homestar

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