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10 Micron Mount AZ 2000 HPS

Product no.: 59773
Manufacturer: 10 Micron

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10 Micron Mount AZ 2000 HPS
10 Micron Mount AZ 2000 HPS
10 Micron Mount AZ 2000 HPS
10 Micron Mount AZ 2000 HPS
10 Micron Mount AZ 2000 HPS
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Product description:

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Azimuthal mounting with high-accuracy absolute encoders on both axes and high-performance motor drives

The AZ2000 HPS is a further development of the former AZ2000. It is an Altazimuth mount based on the mechanics of the GM2000 HPS. The AZ2000 HPS is a very versatile mount for research purposes , perfect for satellite tracking , photometric and astrometric measurements, LiDaR laser applications and more.

Due to the azimuthal design, astrophotography requires a field rotator. With a field rotator is also the "classic" astrophotography with the usual 10Micron precision possible.

The standard version comes with a counterbalance bar and only allows the telescope to be mounted on one side of the mount. Optionally, Dual Telescope (DT) version is available, which allows the use of two or more optics side by side. which optimizes the load on the mount and uses the advantages of the azimuthal design.


  • AZ2000 HPS mount with integrated precision absolute encoders
  • Control box with onboard intelligence (Linux processor)
  • V. 2 - HPS version firmware
  • Stand alone system (no PC required)
  • Professional hand controller with graphic display and temperature control
  • electric wire
  • Counterweight bar
  • Transportbox

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