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Astronomy > Mounts & accessories > Mounts > Alt-azimuth with GoTo > Skywatcher > Skywatcher AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod
Product no.: 26913

AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod

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Product description

Skywatcher AllView - Panoramic photos, time-lapse photography and astronomy

Could you imagine what it would be like if it were not possible, or very difficult, to take perfect panorama shots or stunning time-lapse photography? What earlier took photographers a lot of time and technical expertise is today much more straightforward - with the Skywatcher AllView mount.

Professional quality panoramic photographs

Perhaps you are enjoying a great view of the coast, mountains or city skyline? Then why not take a panorama shot - easy, no fuss and professional quality. Your camera connects directly to the mount via a photo screw and an L-shaped mounting bracket. Adjustment of the optical axis for panoramic images is done by adjusting the L bracket. If you own a Canon EOS camera, then the mount will even take over the electronic control. Then simply start exposing your 360° panorama shot, even with head-mounted camera. And afterwards, you will always have that panoramic image - a lasting memory.

Life pulsates: time-lapse recordings

Our world is in constant motion - the slow opening of a flower, drifting clouds on the horizon, the gradual onset of dawn or the red and white lights of cars going bay on a motorway. How can you capture these impressions? Short videos do not reproduce the real feeling: time-lapse recordings are the answer.

You can condense several hours into just a few minutes. The AllView mount only requires the inputting of the interval between each photo, exposure time and number of images.

The AllView mount can also carry out programmed movement during recording. This can, for example, also be useful for shooting video with a camcorder.

It's getting dark: Observing the night sky

The AllView mount also has a GoTo function with a database of over 40,000 objects. Insert an OTA into the prism mounting and you can automatically control the tracking of celestial objects.

Optical encoders ensure that the positioning is never lost. The mount calculates and maintains orientation with every movement of the axes. So the AllView mount is also useful for taking with you on trips where you want to do some astronomy.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • portable GoTo mount
  • carrying capacity of up to 4kg
  • nature-watching with electronic control in azimuth and elevation
  • professional panoramic images
  • L-adapter plus photo screw for vertical and horizontal mounting of the camera
  • time-lapse recordings up to 10 hours in duration
  • 3/8 inch socket for mounting on a tripod
  • tripod included

The camera or the teleskop is not included.



AZ Allview
Max. additional load capacity (kg)
Motor speeds
Position precision
Counterweight(s) (piece)
Power supply

Special features

GoTo system
Pointing with coordinates
Controllable via PC


Tripod <p>


Tripod material
rostfreier Edelstahl


Total weight (kg)
Type of build

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Skywatcher AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod
The AllView mount combined with a camcorder. Of course, the mount is also ideal for any DSLR camera.
Skywatcher AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod
The addition of a small refractor turns the All-View into a complete travel scope
Skywatcher AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod
The L dovetail rail has a 1mm division scale for precise positioning of your camera (e.g. nodal point). So you can always succeed in getting your panorama shot.
Skywatcher AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod
A perfect combination: The 80/500 carbon-fibre Apochromat from Omegon on the All-View Mount

Skywatcher AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod
The mount can be rotated 180° to allow observing at the zenith. So you can observe comfortably in any position.
Skywatcher AZ AllView SynScan GoTo mount + stainless steel tripod
The Synscan hand controller knows the sky. It will automatically take you to one of over 40,000 objects.

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