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Miscellaneous > Batteries > Varta > Varta Professional Mignon (AA) lithium batteries, pack of 4
Product no.: 45958

Professional Mignon (AA) lithium batteries, pack of 4

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Product description

Varta Mignon (AA) lithium batteries

This size battery is used in a variety of optical instruments - for example telescope mounts - but also in many weather stations and torches. Varta lithium batteries are distinguished by their long life, low energy loss during storage and only slight loss of performance in cold environments.


  • voltage - 1.5V
  • diameter - 14.0 mm
  • height - 50.5 mm
  • system - primary lithium CardPower (LI/IRON DI)
  • designation - Mignon
  • alternative designations - AA, LR06, MN1500, V1500PX

* Note about battery legislation:

Used batteries should not be put in the general household rubbish. Consumers are obliged to take batteries to an appropriate collection point (trade or municipality). They may also be returned to us free of charge after use.

Waste batteries may contain harmful substances or heavy metals that can damage health and the environment. Batteries are recycled, as they contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese and nickel.

The environment and GRS batteries will thank you!



Battery type
Mignon (AA, LR6)
lithium manganese dioxide
power output (mAh)
Scope of delivery (piece)
Varta Professional Mignon (AA) lithium batteries, pack of 4
Please read our advice regarding battery legislation *

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