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Microscopy > Microscopy supplies > Prepared slides > Biology assortments > Omegon > Omegon Prepared slide set, 20 slides in a wooden box
Product no.: 17147

Prepared slide set, 20 slides in a wooden box

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Product description

This prepared slide set, with 20 slides, provides an ideal way of getting started in the world of microscopy:

The set not only includes 20 prepared slides from the human, animal and plant worlds, but also offers you the possibility of observing slides of whole specimens and transverse and longitudinal sections. In addition, you can also then keep five of your own prepared slides in the robust wooden slide box. Another feature of this Omegon prepared slide set - as for all Omegon products - is its low price.


1) Corn Root Tip, L.S.
2) Corn Stem, C.S.
3) Cucurbita Stem, C.S.
4) Basswood Stem, C.S.
5) Vicia Dicot leaf, C.S.
6) Leaf of Winter Jasmine, C.S.
7) Pine Leaf, C.S.
8) Hydrilla Stem, L.S.
9) Allium Sede Euglena, W.M..
10) Stellato-pilosus, W.M..
11) Rotifer, W.M.
12) Daphni, W.M
13) Honey Mouth Parts, W.M.
14) Honeybee Hind Leg, W.M.
15) Mosquito Feale Mouth Parts, W.M.
16) Butterfly Wing, W.M.
17) Paramecium, W.M.
18) Ant, W.M.
19) Musca Mouth Parts, W.M.
20) Fish Scale, W.M.

W.S. = Whole Specimen
T.S. = Transverse Section

L.S. = Longitudinal Section
Sec = Section



Prepared slides
Number (piece)


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)
Omegon Prepared slide set, 20 slides in a wooden box
Omegon Prepared slide set, 20 slides in a wooden box

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