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Astronomy > Filters > Blocking Filters > ZWO > Filter > ZWO Blocking Filters UV/IR 1,25"
Product no.: 48583

Blocking Filters UV/IR 1,25"

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Product description

CCD or DSLR cameras may also be sensitive to the infrared or ultraviolet regions of the spectrum. This can lead to problems with the colour balance with astrophotography using colour cameras. This problem is solved by inserting a UV/IR cutting filter in front of the camera.

As well as improving the colour balance, the UV/IR cutting filter also improves the imaging properties of lens systems (e.g. refractors). These systems are optimized for visible wavelengths but produce a halo around stars with UV/IR sensitive detectors. This is also eliminated with a UV/IR cutting filter.
Also very suitable for solar observing - sunlight should only be observed through a solar filter or Herschel prism. The additional blocking of harmful UV light by this filter is a very good idea.



Coating of optical system
Mount material


Type of build
Blocking Filters
ZWO Blocking Filters UV/IR 1,25"
Light transmission curve

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