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Product no.: 68005

M Zero obs WiFi mount

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Product description

The M Zero Mount continues Avalon’s tradition of providing the most up-to-date designs and highest levels of performance for mobile observations and astrophotography!

The anodised aluminium and stainless steel mount’slow weight and high stability make it the perfect companion for both mobile observers and ambitious astrophotographers alike. Its extreme versatility and compact size, alongside its unique Avalon design, result in an unrivalled combination.

The M Zero unites four concepts in one: An equatorial mount, a photographic mount which does not require meridian flipping, an altazimuth mount for visual observing and a time-lapse platform for panoramic images. It is light and compact enough to fit in hand luggage!

M Zero mount benefits:

  • with a total weight of only 5.5kg, the telescope mount supports up to 10kg of equipment (up to 8kg for photographic equipment)
  • elongated telescopes, such as refractors, can also be mounted
  • no meridian flip - no switching is required when crossing meridians and cross-meridian photographs can be taken
  • time lapse connection for DSLR cameras available
  • simple computer calibration in both altazimuth and equatorial modes
  • due to its weight of only 5.5kg (mount head), the mount is ideally suited to air travel

can hold 2 telescopes simultaneously!

The dual DEC system makes it possible to mount a second telescope to the opposite side of the declination axis. This enables the M Zero to be loaded with a total weight of up to 13kg!

This second telescope fixture is often used for telephoto lenses or guide scopes.

The drive uses a precision toothed belt - no more gear problems!

The AVALON mount’s drive operates using a toothed belt. It does not exhibit any reversing play and is superior to other mechanical drive constructions. Pendulum faults develop more slowly than in most classical mounts and are completely regular. There are no gear faults. The advantages: Guiding is easily managed using the AVALON mount - to produce perfectly round stars. This drive does not develop linear gear faults which can be difficult to manage.

Only electronic and hardware components which are manufactured in Europe are used for the integrated GoTo System.

High-precision motors permit speeds of 0.05x to 1000x. The mount's STARGO interface has multiple handy ports. Alongside the classic ST4 guiding port, the drive features 3 auxiliary ports for various devices, a port for connecting DSLR cameras, a USB port and an adapter for motorised focusers.

Comes with a simple hand control unit. Software updates can always be downloaded from your PC.

M-Zero OBS WiFi mount properties:

  • equatorial and altazimuth operation
  • fast-reverse technology (toothed belt drive)
  • no gear backlash, maintenance-free
  • total mount weight: 5.5kg
  • maximum photographic load: 8kg
  • maximum visual load: 10kg (13kg for dual mounting)
  • telescope adapter: Vixen GP standard
  • hand control unit for direct mount steering
  • Wi-Fi steering via smartphone or tablet
  • virtual hand control unit for smart phones and tablets
  • ASCOM compatibility
  • ST4 autoguider connection
  • Baader Steeldrive connection
  • time-lapse connection for DSLR cameras
  • two AUX connections for motors and filter wheels
  • 12V DC power supply / 0.5A
  • height-adjustable tripod comes with T-Pod 90



Max. additional load capacity (kg)
Motor type
Stepper motors
Mounting saddle
Counterweight(s) (piece)
Input voltage
Amperage (A)
Weight mount head only (kg)
Drive type

Special features

GoTo system
Autoguider interface
yes (ST-4 interface)
PEC correction


Tripod <p>
Accessory plate
cigarette lighter socket
Pole finder
Counterweights (piece)
1 x 0,5 kg
Carry case
Power pack


Tripod material
Aluminium (anodised)
Tripod weight (kg)
Max. tripod height (cm)


Total weight (kg)
Type of build

Area of application

Useful for photographs
Visually useful

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Avalon M Zero obs WiFi mount
Avalon M Zero obs WiFi mount
Avalon M Zero obs WiFi mount
Avalon M Zero obs WiFi mount
Avalon M Zero obs WiFi mount
Avalon M Zero obs WiFi mount
Avalon M Zero obs WiFi mount

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