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Astronomy > Filters > Filter wheels & Filter sliders > ZWO > ZWO Filter Holder with Filter Drawer 2"
Product no.: 77432

Filter Holder with Filter Drawer 2"

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  • Camera-side connection: M54x0.75
  • Telescope-side connection: M54x0.75
  • Includes M48 thread adapter
  • Suitable for 2" filters with M48x0.75 thread
  • The drawer is precisely positioned using 2 magnets

Product description

ZWO offers with the M54 filter holder a very advanced drawer with many useful product features. Especially astrophotographers, who do not want a big and partly heavy filter wheel, find an exciting alternative with this filter drawer. Despite the compact and above all lightweight design, this filter holder does not have to sacrifice stability and accuracy.

ZWO has developed the filter drawer for the full frame cameras ASI6200MM and ASI6200MC Pro. The drawer can also be combined with other cameras with M54x0.75 connection.

A reduction adapter to M48x0.75 is also included. This allows the filter drawer to be adapted to the corresponding connections.



Filter slot
Max. number of filter slots (piece)
Connection (to the telescope)
Connector (at camera end)
Length of thread (mm)
4 & 5
Optical length (mm)


ZWO Filter Holder with Filter Drawer 2"
ZWO Filter Holder with Filter Drawer 2"
Example of use

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