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Binoculars Special features

Binoculars can be equipped with additional functions such as an image stabilizer or a zoom.

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On these models, the compass display is usually shown in a small part of the field of view. A distinction is made between digital and manual versions.

Eyepieces for spectacle wearers

These eyepieces have a relatively large eye relief. It is possible to wear spectacles while observing and still benefit from a comfortable viewing position.

Image stabilizer

Compensates for the natural trembling of the hands. The picture is so stable, as if you were observing using a tripod.


An automatic or manual feature for measuring distances.


These binoculars may only be exposed to moderate moisture or light drops of water.

Threaded tripod connector

A 1/4" thread for connection to a photographic tripod. Most binoculars require an additional tripod adapter.


Watertight optics are equipped with special seals and are gas-purged. This is usually with nitrogen or argon gas. Since these gases are heavier than air, they cannot escape.

Zoom function

The binoculars’ magnification may be variably adjusted using either a lever or a scroll-wheel.