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Glossary | Night vision devices | Performance | Generation | 2nd generation

2nd generation devices are designed for professional requirements. Light is amplified approximately 20,000 times.

Die 2. Generation

Die 2. Generation

In principle, the 2nd generation works in the same way as the 1st generation. The difference is that the light is amplified up to 20.000 times. As a result, you can see over a considerably greater distance with this generation. This is achieved by a microchannel plate, which is placed behind the photocathode and has countless tiny glass tubes. The electrons generated are thus even further amplified. As well as a much brighter picture, the picture is noticeably sharper.

With the 1st generation there is a certain blurring at the edges which is almost unnoticeable with the 2nd generation. Also, the 2nd generation is equipped with an infrared illuminator.

Most night vision devices have a magnification of around 2 or 2.5 times. However, there are also special versions that have magnifications of up to 10 times.

Almost all devices are very compact and are monocular in design, however there are - especially in the 2nd generation - also night vision devices that are binocular in design and look like spectacles. There is also a head mount with which the device can be used hands-free. As a rule, 2nd generation devices offer 4,000 hours of operation.

In the meantime, some devices work with an image intensifier, which does not produce a green-and-white image, but instead a black-and-white image. The image has more contrast and is more comfortable, especially when observing for longer periods.