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Night vision devices Performance Image intensifier tube

An image intensifier tube collects the residual light and sends it to the image converter.

Image intensifier tube

All night vision devices with an image intensifier tube have an optic at the front that collects the light and sends it to an image converter. Here there is a photocathode, which collects the incoming photons (these are the light particles) and generates energy from them in the form of electrons.

These electrons are accelerated massively, and shot onto a phosphorus screen. This releases energy in the form of light, i.e. photons, which is heavily amplified compared to before. Under no circumstances should night vision devices be used in daylight, otherwise the devices can be seriously damaged.

More information:


Is currently the best image intensifier quality in our range. The resolution is up to 72 lp/mm. The image is green-white.


Stands for a selected image intensifier with low image defects and a resolution of up to 54 lp/mm.


Image intensifiers with this designation have a resolution of 45-54 lp/mm. The image is black and white and thus richer in contrast.


This Armasight’s standard quality. The resolution is between 45-50 lp/mm. The image is green-white.