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Glossary > Wildlife cameras > Capacity

Glossary | Wildlife cameras | Capacity

Capacity data enable wildlife cameras to be compared with one another.

More information:

Flash range

The maximum range is specified here. However, this can be affected by environmental factors.

Flash type

Especially at night, these cameras need a flash to amplify the residual ambient light. This works mainly in the infrared light range and is almost invisible.

Maximum video length

Recording time, which you can set.


Actual resolution of the imaging sensor.

Resolution photo

Resolution in photo mode, this can be real and interpolated.

Resolution video

Resolution in video mode. In most cases, the total number of available pixels is not used for the video mode.

Sensor range

Max. coverage range of the motion sensor.

Sensor sensitivity

Determines the sensitivity of the motion sensor.

Trigger time

Time delay between detection of motion and the camera being triggered.