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Omegon Zoom spotting scope 20-60x80mm

Product no.: 13765
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Zoom spotting scope 20-60x80mm
Omegon Zoom spotting scope 20-60x80mm
Omegon Zoom spotting scope 20-60x80mm
Omegon Zoom spotting scope 20-60x80mm
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Manufacturer's product description:

The Omegon 20-60x80mm viewing scope opens up the way to eye-opening observations of nature. Whether this is a question of animals, ships at sea or the fascination of observations in the mountains – the Omegon viewing scope is perfectly suited for all these purposes.

With its slim black design, the viewing scope presents a smart exterior. However, it is the intrinsic quality that really matters. With a fixed adapted zoom eyepiece, infinite magnifications in the range 20- 60-times are possible. By setting a smaller magnification, it is possible to search for objects in a large field of vision. Once an object has been located, the magnification can be increased. In the case of objects at infinity, only minimum refocusing is required between the lowest and highest magnifications.

Viewing through the eyepiece is a thoroughly agreeable experience, because with an average viewing distance (varying slightly depending on magnification) of 18 mm the viewing scope is suitable even for use with spectacles. The soft rubber eye cups screen out undesired scatter light and can just as easily be folded away. The viewing scope can be rotated through 360° with its integral tubular clamp. This means that the user is always guaranteed just the right viewing conditions. By means of the standard 1/4″ threading the Omegon 20-60x80 can be attached to any camera stand.

The optics are shielded from scattered light and reflections by a stray light cap. This can be removed quite easily. The object lens – condensation cap end distance is around 60 mm. The double-lens objective, as well as prisms and ocular lenses, are covered with an advanced multi-layer coating that offers a high degree of transparency and produces high-contrast images.

The viewing scope is supplied with a practical, slightly padded carrying case. With separate openings for the objective and stand plate, the Omegon can even be carried around in a shoulder bag (stand-by) for field observations.

The features in brief:
- 80 mm objective aperture
- magnification 20-60-times
- 35 -17.5 metre field of vision at range of 1000 metres
- eye distance 18 mm-15 mm
- BaK4 prisms
- focal length of ranging scope 480 mm
- focal length of eyepiece 8-24 mm
- closest range 8-10 metres
- waterproof and filled with nitrogen
- weight 1.7 Kg

Our expert comment:

A T2 thread for connecting an SLR camera is under the removable rubber eyecup. A camera-specific T2 ring is all that is needed to connect it. The T2 rings can be found at

this link

(Bernd Gährken)

The optics are provided with a perfected multi-coating, giving high light transmittance and high contrast images.

comes complete with a practical ever-ready case.

The eyecup on the Omegon spotting scope conceals a T2 thread for connecting to an SLR. This lets you also keep photos of what you have been observing.

Remove the soft rubber eyecup. You will now see the concealed T2 thread that is underneath.

Now screw a T-ring for your camera model onto the T2 thread. Suitable rings can be found in our product range - either from Omegon or other manufacturers.

Connect your SLR camera using the T-ring - the camera and T-ring form a solid connection to your spotting scope and so provide a stable basis for taking your nature photos.

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