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Astronomy > Telescope accessories > Alignment accessories > Laser pointers > Omegon > Omegon Newton adjusting laser 1,25'' (inspection window)
( 3.67 / 5 )
Product no.: 4577

Newton adjusting laser 1,25'' (inspection window)

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Product description

The Omegon Collimation Laser makes collimating children's play

This sturdy laser unit allows you to swiftly and precisely collimate your Newtonian telescope. Only when the optics have been accurately collimated can the telescope offer you its full performance.

Light, robust and simple

The precision-made aluminium housing of the laser unit has a front opening from which the laser beam can be emitted. In order to obtain an optimal adjustment, it has a side window allowing a disk oriented at 45° with a central hole to be viewed.

This can be then later be used to see whether the laser is reflected back on itself, indicating well collimated optics.

This adjustment tool can be used in all 1.25" focusers.

We provide you with precise instructions in German, with a step-by-step explanation of how to adjust a Newtonian telescope using this laser unit. So, even if you are a newcomer to amateur astronomy, it is very simple to get the optimum performance out of your telescope.

Also built with the future in mind
The laser comes fully adjusted. It can however be further adjusted if required. It has three openings for adjustment, arranged at 120°, which are initially sealed. The battery for the laser can be exchanged at any time; the small screw cap at the rear of the laser must be first unscrewed to allow this.

With this laser you can collimate your Newtonian telescope in just a few minutes!

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Precision collimation laser for Newtonian telescopes
  • The telescope can be collimated by just one person
  • 1,25'' barrel
  • 45° adjusting disk
  • German instruction book



Connection (to the telescope)
Battery type


Battery included


Alignment accessories
Type of build
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Miscellaneous (2)

Varta CR2032 lithium battery

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Omegon Newton adjusting laser 1,25'' (inspection window)
Omegon Newton adjusting laser 1,25'' (inspection window)
Omegon Newton adjusting laser 1,25'' (inspection window)

Customer reviews

It is very good.

Review by M. G. on 11.03.2022 16:24:23

( 5 / 5 )

The product which I received has a red laser and it appears to be of a very good quality. The laser appears to be well centered. It is of a robust construction made of metal. One 2032 coin battery is required to operate the device. The battery is supplied, but it was dead for some reason.


Review by beerlund on 28.10.2015 20:09:14

( 5 / 5 )

Agree! This is the "Perfect" "Item" for, having a "Perfect" NEWTON!....(Collimated and Clear)! Easy to use..... Perfect result! Recommended!

Best bang for the buck..

Review by axelrod on 19.06.2012 16:23:27

( 5 / 5 )

It is an extremely easy to use and very good quality product with reasonable price. It helped me to collimate my out of align telescope in just a few minutes.

It is unrelated to the product but have to say that I am very happy with the swift order process, fast shipment and well done packaging.

Its built to a price, but easy to fix

Review by O. N. on 21.05.2021 01:18:35

( 4 / 5 )

As others have stated, the laser is not perfectly aligned out of the box which does make this "unusable", but it was very easy to align (max 5min, just peel the label to get to the screws) and i have not touched it since. If you're afraid its difficult to do then you probably don't want to get a Newtonian at all.


Review by Atharva on 10.10.2020 19:35:11

( 4 / 5 )

Ptet pas le moins cher ni le meilleur, mais fonctionne.

First one was DOA, second one worked perfect

Review by G. V. on 30.03.2018 13:18:13

( 4 / 5 )

I ordered this one and it arrived broken, the laser would not turn on and battery was working. Contacted astroshop support and they sent me a replacement, without cost and did not require me to send the defected laser back to them. This is excellent customer support. Meanwhile newest laser is doing it's job as expected.

It does what it says, but it was way out of collimation

Review by L. S. on 10.06.2016 12:05:31

( 3 / 5 )

Good product for the price, sturdy but mine was waaaay off from being collimated. It made a huge 3-4 cm diameter circle on the primary mirror when rotated in the focuser. I had to build a stand (which was easy, just a wooden plank and 4 screws screwed against each other under 90 deg. angle, so that the laser can lie on top tightly) ... anyways the laser can be collimated, you have to peel off the lable and fine the 3 allen scews. To sum it up, after I collimated it, it does a good job, but I am a bit disappointed that I had to pay 50 bucks for an untrue laser, which I had to collimate myself, on top of that the scews for collimating were glued which made it a bit harder to collimate it. Anyways 3 stars from me.

not impressed

Review by M. K. on 21.12.2017 14:10:40

( 2 / 5 )

Just received it. The beam is so off axis that it hits the white target before it leaves the device housing...... well at least adjustment screws are kind of accessible when ripping off the label.
I did not expect 15deg offset from axis and would not recommend this product to others.

expensive cat toy

Review by M. V. on 20.01.2024 18:14:59

( 1 / 5 )

Much like M.K. already said, mine also came completely off axis. I tried to use the adjustment screws to align it but cannot get it do be dead center, it always end up being off by a degree. Its only good for giving me very rough indication if mirror is sitting correctly after cleaning, but final collimation I still have to do by stars. Also I find it interesting that some reviews mention batteries - mine came without any

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