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Photo Tripods > Tripods > made of aluminium > Omegon > Basic > Omegon Basic 300 V aluminium tripod with tilt head
Product no.: 60842

Basic 300 V aluminium tripod with tilt head

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Product description

Solid support for heavy instruments
Securely mount your large binoculars, spotting scope or telescope. This tripod can be used with almost any device. This large tripod was designed to easily accommodate larger instruments. Simply focus on your subject, the sky or what you like to observe and photograph.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Aluminium tripod for instruments weighing up to 8kg
  • Sturdy lever clamps at two levels
  • 70mm diameter rubber feet base for floor protection and extremely stable footing
  • 2D fluid panoramic head with large navigation lever for observing and even filming with a smooth motion
  • Panoramic head base with bowl, 10° tiltable, this professional technology is now affordable for everyone

Large instruments? Yes please!
The 8kg load capacity allows you to securely mount your large binoculars or camera. Embark on a discovery journey under the starry sky or in nature observation. You no longer have to struggle with vibrations, instead simply enjoy the peace and quiet as you gaze into the distance.

Sturdy lever clamps
Adjust the height of the tripod as required. The extremely sturdy lever clamps make it easy for you to do this. Outside in the cold or in the dark; the lever clamps are brilliantly easy to find and operate, even at night when wearing gloves.

2D fluid panoramic head
This large panoramic head belongs to your tripod like the wings to an aeroplane. It is large enough to move you from A to B with your heavy binoculars or camera. It actually feels like that when you operate it.
The fluid technology enables virtually weightless panning in a flowing motion with no judder. It goes without saying that you can use it to perform fantastic 360° panoramic pans and also large vertical pans.

A strong hold for your instruments
More surface, more hold. This is the concept of the large, quick release changing plate. Twice the size of a normal plate, it offers significantly more support - even for cameras with large lenses. Another advantage is the simple and quick assembly. Simply place your instrument on the tripod head, lock it in place and you're ready to go.

Scope of delivery:

  • Tripod
  • 2D fluid tilter
  • Textile carrying bag



Number of levels
Type of build
Max. tripod height (cm)
Min. tripod height (cm)
Bending range (°)
Tripod leg extension
Tripod leg extension adjustment
Clamp lock
Tripod pad
Simple pads
Load capacity (kg)
Carrying length (cm)
Camera tripod
Friction adjustment
Thread for camerarecording
1/4 and 3/8
Inclination range (°)
-70 / +90

Special features

Carrying bag included with product contents
Tilt lock
Quick-release plate
Bending clamp
Tripod head included with product contents
Video tilt head
Single-handed operation


Weight (kg)
Omegon Basic 300 V aluminium tripod with tilt head
Omegon Basic 300 V aluminium tripod with tilt head
Omegon Basic 300 V aluminium tripod with tilt head
Omegon Basic 300 V aluminium tripod with tilt head
Omegon Basic 300 V aluminium tripod with tilt head

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