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Photo Tripods > Tripods > made of carbon > Manfrotto > 500 > Manfrotto MVH500AH, 755CX3 tripod with fluid video head
Product no.: 55732

MVH500AH, 755CX3 tripod with fluid video head

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Product description

Manfrotto Video Tripods with Heads
Manfrotto provides a wide range of video kits that include an optimal combination of tripod and fluid video head suggested by our experts. Focus on quality and dedication to continuous innovation make these products the perfect solution for all videographers looking for the perfect kit to achieve amazing footage. When you opt for a Video Tripod Head Kit, you’re getting the advantage of a number of key benefits. You’re sure that the components of both tripod and fluid head are a perfect match for eachother, yet in almost all cases, you’ll still be free to swap either the fluid head or the video tripod and use it with many other Manfrotto products. Some of the most important things to look at when choosing a video tripod kit are materials, weight, dimensions and payload. Each model has its own technical specifications that influence the results you obtain using them.

MVH500AH,755CX3 Tripod with fluid video head and Carbon Legs

  • Smooth movement with fluid drag on pan and tilt
  • Clever counterbalance on tilt movement
  • Fast connection and set up with sliding plate
  • Universal link for accessories
  • Lightweight, strong tripod with fluid video head

Intuitive, capable and totally reliable. The lightweight tripod with fluid video head and carbon legs does exactly what you need it to do, without any worries, even when the pressure’s on. This nifty tripod with fluid video head combines all the classic features you’d expect from a professional standard tripod, with every extra you can imagine to make your job even easier. Both lightweight and robust, it can support up to 5kg, while at the end of the day, you can swiftly compact it down into a neat, compact package to take away.

Precision is guaranteed while you work, thanks to patented Bridging Technology™ that allows super smooth movement and fine shots even in the toughest conditions. Fluid cartridges in both pan and tilt axis give you all the control you need when getting into position, and a wider platform comfortably carries HDSLR bodies. It can even support tricky to handle interchangeable lens cameras thanks to a smart sliding plate. And it’s a versatile tripod too. An 9.5mm easy link connector and standard 6.4mm fitting gives you the flexibility to pair with attachments like external monitors as needed.

Adding to its impressive list of design features, you can slide your camera into position from above, due to a user-friendly side lock. It’s totally secure when in place, eliminating the need for an extra lock, and saving you time when setting up. Plus, the tripod itself is a 3-section stand with strong, but lightweight carbon fibre leg tubes. This makes transporting this tripod with fluid video head extra easy. And when you’re ready to pack away, simply flip the tension adjustable leg levers and compact it down, before slotting it into its very own made-to-measure carry case.



Camera and video tripod
Type of build
Load capacity (kg)
Connector thread on tripod head
Thread for camerarecording
1/4 and 3/8
Inclination range (°)
-70 / +90
Bending range (°)
Number of levels
Max. tripod height (cm)
Min. tripod height (cm)
Carrying length (cm)
Tripod leg extension
Tripod leg extension adjustment
Clamp lock
Tripod pad
Rubber foot

Special features

Central column
Tripod head included with product contents
Video tilt head
Quick-release plate
Panorama scale
Carrying bag included with product contents
Video tilt head


Weight (kg)

Recommended accessories

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Quick release plate

Manfrotto 500PLONG quick-release plate

$ 63.00*

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Manfrotto MVH500AH, 755CX3 tripod with fluid video head
Easy Link connection,
for attaching additional accessories.
Manfrotto MVH500AH, 755CX3 tripod with fluid video head
New quick release system,
optimised not to damage the camera.

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