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Astronomy > Filters > Moon filters & Polarizing filters > Omegon > Basic > Omegon Filters Moon filter 1.25"
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Product no.: 5085

Filters Moon filter 1.25"

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  • To increase the contrast of the Moon and planets
  • High-quality metal frame
  • Suitable for all eyepieces with 1.25" plug size
  • Suitable for telescopes with up to 200mm aperture

Product description

The universal moon and contrast filter from Omegon

The 1.25" moon filter, consisting of flat steamed glass, is simply screwed into the eyepiece thread. It reduces the brightness of the moon andthusenhances thecontrastin the observation. This filter is mainly necessary during the major moon phases, since the subjective glare of the moon then is strongest and can quickly become unpleasant.

More than a normal moon filter
However, the filter doesn't only offer advantages during lunar observation, but it also allows forhigh contrast observations of planets.It amplifies the surface details that make observation particularly interesting. The filter is most strong in the red / blue range. Thus, objects such as the 'Great Red Spot' and the bands of cloud on Jupiter appear clearer.
A particularly disruptive factor during observation is theillumination of street lights. This is blocked in the conventional spectral range so that high-contrast observations are possible.

This premium moon filter is much higher quality than similar products: There are some cheap offers in this field where the image quality of the telescope suffers due to the filter. This premium moon filter, however, is characterised byvery good characteristics.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Solid metal frame (no plastic) with a clean cut thread for the filter thread of 1.25" eyepieces
  • Clean and homogeneous glass
  • Solid plastic container
  • Fits into the filter thread of almost all 1.25" eyepieces
  • Attenuation of moon light (highly recommended up to 150 mm diameter)
  • Neutral representation of the moon
  • High contrast for planets and moon

Our expert comment:

We measured 30% light transmission (corresponding to optical density ND05), which means the filter is perfectly appropriate for telescopes with rather small diameters. For larger telescopes, i.e. 200 mm and more, a filter with less transmission (eg. 13%) would be more effective. In this case, we would recommend, for instance,m the Omegon moonfilter.“] A maximum of flexibility is achieved with a [cms://shop/p_id=7399 "variable polarizing filter.

Tip: Are you still looking for the right filter? Suitable recommendations by our experts in the magazine article [CMS://shop/i_id=1638 "With these eyepiece filters you are guaranteed to see more"]



Connection (to the telescope)
Mount material
Coating of optical system


Type of build
Moon filter

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Omegon Filters Moon filter 1.25"
A filter is simply screwed into the thread on the eyepiece, as shown in this illustration.

Customer reviews

Too Weak

Review by mirrormaker on 03.12.2014 18:32:35

( 2 / 5 )

You buy a filter you expect to do what it is supposed to do. Through my 124 mm newtonian and a 15 mm eyepiece I give thanks to the clouds if I could look at the 60% Moon. At first glance, the optical quality is in full agreement to the price, "Premium" is only a word, as I much preferred switching to a shorter eyepiece or tolerate the overwhelming light in the same eyepiece after that filter has been unscrewed. My 124 mm works at f/7.2. Anyway I wish to give this filter another chance to pass the minimum optical ranking level, using it between eye and eye lens. Hopefully avoiding scratches, falls and/or fingerprints.

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