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Astronomy > Filters > Nebulae filters > UHC Filters > ZWO > ZWO Filters 1.25" Duo band
Product no.: 63984

Filters 1.25" Duo band

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Product description

ZWO Duo-Band Filter is a dual narrowband filter primarily aimed at complementing the range of colour ASI cameras. The Duo-Band filter is aimed at the astronomer who may already own color camera and wants to image using narrowband techniques or emission objects without purchasing a mono camera, filter wheel and narrowband filter set.

The Duo-Band filter offers an economical entry into the world of narrowband imaging and can also offer a practical solution to imaging in light polluted urban areas.

The dual band pass nature of the Duo-Band filter passes light at Hα (656nm) and OIII (500nm) wavelength, and can reduce the interference from natural light sources such as moonlight, or artificial light pollution such as street lighting. It can help improve the contrast and visibility of deep sky objects such as emission nebula using a color camera.

  • Bandwidth: HA (15nm) OIII (35nm)
  • More than 90% transmission at major OIII line 486.nm, 496nm and 501nm.
  • More than 80% transmission at Ha line 656.3nm



Connection (to the telescope)
Mount material


Type of build
UHC Filters

Area of application

Anti light-pollution
Planetary nebulae
Hydrogen nebulae
Supernova remains
Visually useful
Useful for photographs

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ZWO Filters 1.25" Duo band
Light transmission curve

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