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Seben HT-2008 CO2 Monitor

Product no.: 69002
Manufacturer: Seben

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Seben HT-2008 CO2 Monitor
Seben HT-2008 CO2 Monitor
Seben HT-2008 CO2 Monitor
Seben HT-2008 CO2 Monitor
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Product description:

Seben HT-2008 CO2 Monitor

extra large CO2 display with highly-visible LED display and traffic light system. Due to its size, this device is best suited to use in schools, classrooms, waiting rooms, offices, etc..

HT-2008 CO2 Monitor

Proper and regular ventilation is more important than ever. Balanced ventilation reduces the risk of infection and promotes a good indoor climate.

The HT-2008 CO2 monitor shows you the current CO2 concentration, the temperature and relative humidity. The traffic light system gives you an instant indication as to whether it is time to ventilate again. The large, wall-mounted device is brilliantly suited to monitoring air quality in the office, at school or at home.

CO2 traffic light system:

Green / Good: 0-599ppm

Amber / Normal: 600-1100ppm

Red / Poor: > 1200ppm

CO2 measurement:

  • Range: 0-9999ppm, Accuracy: +- 70ppm or +-3%

Relative humidity:

  • Range: 0- 99%, Accuracy: +-3%


  • Range: 0-50°C


  • XL CO2 Monitor
  • 220V plug
  • screws for wall mounting

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