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CO2 measuring devices: these air quality meters indicate the carbon dioxide content in the air.

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What is the maximum recommended CO2 value for inside spaces?

According to the German Federal Environment Agency, the CO2 content in inside spaces is classified as follows:

  • High indoor air quality: < 800ppm
  • Medium indoor air quality: 800 bis 1.000ppm
  • Moderate indoor air quality: 1.000 bis 1.400ppm
  • Low indoor air quality: > 1,400ppm

Regular and correct ventilation ...

The German BZgA and the Robert Koch Institute recommend regular ventilation of offices, schools, homes ... generally, any inside spaces. Aerosols are a likely transmission route of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and other viral diseases. They accumulate and disperse very quickly in enclosed spaces. Proper ventilation is important in order to prevent the risk of infection and to improve the indoor air quality.

CO2 measuring devices help you to monitor your indoor air quality and help you to ensure regular ventilation. Most devices alert you via a traffic light system or an alarm tone when the pre-defined values are exceeded. This is important, as it is usually very easy to assess the air quality when entering a room, but one loses this assessment capability within a very short time due to olfactory adaption and, as a result, any deterioration is no longer noticed. Even when the temperature drops sharply and it gets colder, we tend to close windows too quickly.

The CO2 monitor measures the CO2 concentration in the air using sensors, and indicates in which range the current carbon dioxide content lies by means of traffic light indicators.

These devices use their sensors to measure the CO2 content of the air in a room, the temperature and usually also the humidity and help you develop correct ventilation habits in order to contain viral diseases.