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Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40

Product no.: 53305
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40
Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40
Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40
Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40
Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40
Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40
Omegon Night vision device Alpheon+ NV 4.5x40
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Product description:

How night is turned into day for you

Have you ever wanted to know what happens during the night? - which animals are roaming through your garden? Why not find out? - you can observe, and even video, everything that happens during the night with the Omegon Alpheon+ night vision device.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • 4.5X magnification - for a detailed view of distant objects
  • range up to 200 metres in the dark
  • wide field of view - 5x3.75 degrees
  • infrared illuminator - to see in even absolute darkness
  • observing plus video function

Bring the distant close

Imagine - a hedgehog foraging through your garden, or deer at the distant edge of a forest. The 4.5X magnification brings them both up close, and with all the details you could wish for.

200 metres away

The small amount of remaining light in the darkness is enough to allow you to see far into the distance. The Alpheon+ gives you a clear view at a distance of up to 200 metres with its residual light amplifier which amplifies the minimal light level 100,000 times to provide an image that almost looks like that through binoculars during the day.

Digital, not analogue

The Alpheon+ is a digital night vision device. Instead of a photo-tube, this device uses a high-sensitivity sensor and an LCD screen. The image provided is much sharper and provides details right out to the very edge of the field of view. And best of all, because it's on a screen, you can both observe and take pictures.

Observe, take pictures and video

The Alpheon+ night vision device is great for observing. But it also offers the options of taking great photos and impressive videos. Wouldn't it be great if you could show what you discovered during the night the next day?

What is the difference between the Alpheon and the Alpheon Plus?

The Alpheon and the Alpheon+ differ in their resolution. You can look forward to a higher resolution and sharper images.

Also watch at dusk

The unaided eye can no longer recognize contours and detail even when it is not completely dark. The Alpheon+ helps you here, thanks to its digital technology you can also observe at dusk.

Infrared illuminator

And when you can't even see your hand in front of your face? Then just turn on the IR illuminator. Everything will look as bright and clear up to 25 metres away as if you were illuminating your surroundings with a powerful torch. But of course you can only see this through your Alpheon. Everything around you remains pitch black.

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