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Product no.: 71629

Night vision device Forward FN455 digital NV

$ 1,370.00 incl. VAT
Product can be shipped as of 01.09.2022 + lead time

Product description

PULSAR Forward FN455 digital night vision monocular/module

  • Over 500 metres night-time observation range
  • IPX7 completely waterproof
  • Quick-change B-pack battery
  • SumLight firmware algorithm to increase sensitivity
  • Scope of supply: Digital night vision scope, IPS7 battery, charger, micro USB cable, cleaning cloth

HD sensor

Highly sensitive CMOS sensor features 1280x720 pixel resolution to ensure precise detail.

Enhanced night-time sensitivity

Modern electronic components and propriety signal processing algorithms ensure that the Forward F455 features one of the highest sensitivity parameters in the infrared range (night-time sensitivity). As a result, the Forward F455 can be operated without an IR illuminator at dusk, and often also at night. High sensitivity in the 900-950 nm range allows the device to be used with invisible infrared emitters.

The monocular included in the package can be attached to and used with the NV module. In addition, the Pulsar monocular is a fully functional monocular for daytime use.

Compatible with various binocular products

Using optional adapter rings, the unit can be easily attached to most binoculars, spotting scopes or other optical devices with an external diameter of 42 to 56mm.

Stable point of impact

The arrangement of the optical and electronic components in a series, as well as highly accurate optical and programmed calibration, means that the user need not make any additional corrections for night-time use.

Powerful far-reaching infrared illuminator

The Forward F455 is equipped with a removable invisible (940nm) infrared illuminator. Three power settings guarantee effective illumination of the observation target, according to the situation.

Over 500 metres observation range at night

High night-time sensitivity, high resolution display and sensor, a wide range of brightness and contrast settings, high-quality high-performance optics together with a powerful infrared illuminator, deliver a detection range of 450-500 metres for night-time use.

Built-in video recorder

The Forward F built-in video recorder delivers flawless video and photo recordings. Video and photo files are stored in the internal memory and can be transferred to your smartphone or laptop via Wi-Fi or cable using Stream Vision.

Quick-change B-pack rechargeable long-life batteries

The forward F uses the autonomous B-Pack power supply system. The quick-change IPS5 (5Ah) power supply unit fits into a special compartment and ensures 6 hours of operation in the maximum consumption mode. More powerful IPS7 (6.5Ah), IPS10 (10Ah) and IPS14 (13.2Ah) battery packs are optionally available. They are quickly replaced, wireless and feature a long operating time.

Quick start-up

The Forward F455 starts up within 3 seconds of pressing the on button.

Stream Vision app for remote control and live YouTube streaming via a smartphone

Using the free high-tech iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision app, the Forward connects to your smartphone or tablet in real time via Wi-Fi, which allows you to download recorded files, share them on YouTube or other platforms (depending on the model), or use your mobile device as a remote control.

Updatable firmware

All you need to upgrade the firmware is the Stream Vision app, a smartphone and internet access. Future program improvements and new features can be updated on the device.

Four-point bayonet mount with automatic tensioner

The module connects to the adapter by means of a four-point bayonet mount. Pulsar offers three adapter models for attaching to optical devices with an objective lens diameter of 42, 50 and 56mm.

Also compatible with third-party adapters

A wide range of adapters to attach Pulsar units to daytime optical devices are offered by various European third-party specialist companies, including Micron&Rusan and SmartClip. This means more possibilities to attach the units to optical devices from other manufacturers.

SumLight firmware algorithm to increase sensitivity

The SumLight function increases the sensor's sensitivity, allowing passive observation (IR illuminator off) in low light. The firmware automatically activates the algorithm: the sensor's adjacent pixels are added and frames are summed, thus increasing the device's sensitivity without any loss of image quality.

IPX7 completely waterproof

The Forward F455 is absolutely waterproof and offers IPX7-rated water protection. The device works in rainfall of any intensity and can survive brief immersion in water.

Operating temperatures from -25 to +50°C.

The Forward F455 unit guarantees effective operation at low temperatures - up to minus -25°C. The frost-resistant AMOLED display ensures a sharp, blur-free image when observing on the move.



Type of build
1 - 5
Detection distance (m)
Sensor type
Battery durability (h)

Special features

Infrared illuminator
Digital imaging
Video connection

Field of view

True field of view (°)
Field of view at 100 m (m)

Area of application

Hunting & and nature observation




Battery type
Specific to manufacturer

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