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Perfection without boundaries.


With the EL binoculars, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has set a milestone in long-range optical devices. These have now been further perfected through intensive development work and with much commitment. The result is the best EL family of all time.

The brilliant optics with SWAROVISION technology and the unique ergonomics with the EL wrap-around grip are complemented by the new, perfectly matched FieldPro package, which, with a new carrying strap and protective covers for lenses and eyepieces, provides unprecedented comfort for nature observing.

This creates an almost magical interplay of optics, ergonomics and functionality – combined in a masterful design.

Highlights of the EL series.

In the 3rd generation EL family, SWAROVSKI OPTICS has integrated everything that guarantees viewing pleasure and increases comfort:

SWAROVISION technology redefines the concept of optical quality. Field-flattener lenses allow a previously unequalled edge-to-edge sharpness, fluoride HD lenses reduce colour fringing to a minimum, and optimized coatings ensure maximum colour fidelity. Long eye relief – 100% field of vision, even for spectacles wearers.

· HD optics
Our HD optics are characterized by fluoride-containing lenses, which can almost completely avoid chromatic aberration. Dispersion is significantly lower with fluoride, even in comparison to the best types of optical glass. This ensures maximum colour fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast.

Coating for optimal colour fidelity across the entire light spectrum: SWAROVSKI OPTIK is the first manufacturer worldwide to mass-produce using this technology.

Coatings for bright and high-contrast images: With this, the surface reflection is reduced from 4-6% of the light to up to 0.2%. Used in all the lenses and prisms in SWAROVSKI OPTICS products.

This non-stick property ensures easy cleaning of contaminants such as water stains, insect repellent or tree resin.

· FieldPro accessories package
A product only reveals how functional it actually is though daily use. SWAROWSKI OPTIK is therefore constantly working on making its products ever more ergonomic. The new EL Range with the FieldPro package will convince you not only in terms of long-range optical performance, but also in terms of functionality.