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The perfect symbiosis of observing and distance measurement.


Especially with long-range shots, a few metres between the actual and estimated distance can mean the crucial difference between skilled hunting with an accurate shot, or suffering for the animal. That's why ever more hunters are relying on range-finding. In the Geovid models, the rangefinder is combined with high-performance binoculars.

For more than 25 years, Leica has been a pioneer in range-finding. All Geovid models are equipped with a laser rangefinder for fast and precise distance determination, so that, over medium and long distances, you never lose sight of the target. For many years, thousands of hunters have trusted our laser distance products.

Differences between the Geovid models

There are currently three different Geovid series: Geovid HD-B, Geovid HD-R and the entry-level Geovid R. All models combine accurate horizontal distance measurement with angle-corrected distance measurement. Leica calls this function EHR. In addition, all models offer outstanding optics with optimum contrast, and they are of course waterproof and thus protected against internal fogging.

Geovid HD-B

In its overall concept, the new Geovid HD-B represents a revolution in range-finding. Unique to the range-finding binoculars are the optical maximum performance due to the patented Perger-Porro prism system, the HD optic containing fluorides, the optimized ergonomics due to the bridge shape, and the additional integration of an extremely powerful laser rangefinder with multifunctional ballistics computer.

The Geovid HD-B 42 and HD-B 56 use an internal database of ballistic trajectories for virtually all standard calibres. In addition, you can use the microSD card to read in your own parameters for custom-made ballistics or special cartridges. The newly developed ABC® (advanced ballistic compensation) ballistics function makes it easier and safer than ever for the hunter to determine the right aiming point.

Geovid HD-R

Look forward to the third generation of the Leica Geovid! It stands for precise range-finding and maximum optical performance through the Perger-Porro system and the HD glass employed. The Geovid HD-R is the ideal rangefinder for the hunter, who wants to measure not only a pure linear distance display but also the equivalent horizontal range output, the relevant shooting distance for hunting.

In order to offer a user-friendly product, we have simplified the functionality and the menu structure of the basic ballistic settings. A compact, lightweight housing and an exceptionally ergonomic bridge shape ensure an amazingly intuitive user-friendliness. The perfect companion for every hunt.

Geovid R

The new Leica Geovid R binoculars in classic roof prism design offer high-performance optics, reliable range-finding and ballistic angular compensation. Thanks to highly efficient production methods, and our concentration on the essentials, we have created a uniquely cost-effective product.