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Glossary > Riflescopes > General > Series > QUICKsight

Glossary | Riflescopes | General | Series | QUICKsight

Reflex sights especially for shotguns.


Whether hunting with a shotgun, or on the shooting range, an accurate shot has the highest priority. The QUICKsight has been specially developed for use on shotguns with ventilated ribs. The revolutionary design allows for an extremely flat mount. With a sight axle of just 8.5mm above the slider rib, it is the flattest-built reflex sight in the world.

The QUICKsight can be mounted on ventilated shotgun ribs up to 10mm wide. It can be home-assembled without any problems. Due to the extremely flat design, no focusing adjustment is necessary. After installation, the QUICKsight is immediately ready for use.