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Product no.: 14156

Kit Copernicus Planetarium

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Product description

The world's first mechanical planetary orbit model (orrery) as a cardboard kit!

It shows the movements of the inner planets Mercury and Venus, as well as the Moon and the Earth - which rotates on its permanently inclined axis.

One revolution of the crank, turning the rubber belt and grooved wheel drive, corresponds to the course of one week and produces six different simultaneous movements that relate to each other in the approximate ratio of the actual orbital periods.

Many astronomical processes can be explained by the Copernican (heliocentric) point of view using the orrery - for example, the movement of the Sun through the zodiac or the conjunctions of Mercury and Venus with themselves and with the Sun.

The Sun uses bright LED illumination for use in a dark room to display not only the changing seasons, but also the changes in the phases of the Moon, eclipses and the crescent phases of Venus.


  • stamped card model kit made from solid grey board and gold-tooled offset board, complete with accessories (axles, magnets, belts, planetary spheres, plastic bearings, LED light sphere, etc.)
  • detailed written instructions for its construction. You will need about 25 to 30 hours, depending on your level of handicraft skill.

Dimensions: Height 29.5 cm, diameter of the ecliptic disc 29cm. Packaging dimensions: 30x21x6.4cm

Printed instructions in German. On request also available in English as PDF.


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AstroMedia Kit Copernicus Planetarium

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