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Astronomy > Filters > Solar Filters > Mounted foil filters > Omegon > Basic > Omegon solar filter, 114mm
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Product no.: 45787

solar filter, 114mm

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Product description

Please note: This product is currently not available in the US.

The solar filter for the Omegon Basic telescope

You observe the night sky, but are you also interested in observing the Sun? The Basic solar filter lets you also do astronomy during the day! And the best part is that, if you have an Omegon Basic telescope, it fits directly onto the lens. And you can get started right away with your solar observing!

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • attaches directly to your Omegon Basic (or similar model) telescope
  • saves time - no tinkering or construction necessary
  • exact matching plastic frame for many models
  • made using high optical quality Baader Planetarium AstroSolar solar foil (filter factor ND5)
  • inexpensive solar filter

Perfect fit with Omegon Basic

The Omegon Basic solar filter comes already assembled in a plastic frame. That means that you will not have to tinker around or construct anything. This filter makes it simplicity itself for you to use - just attach it to your Omegon Basic telescope and it already fits perfectly.

Solar filter foil for safe observing.

This solar filter is made using a special filter foil that provides you with a neutral white image of the Sun. With a filter factor of 100,000 times, only 0.001% of the sunlight entering the telescope reaches your eye, which means you can always observe the Sun in perfect safety.

For what and for whom is this solar filter suitable?

This filter is fantastic for when you want to observe sunspots and solar flares and also for observing granulation on the surface of the Sun. It is also great for observing solar eclipses - it is breath-taking watching the Moon gradually obscure the Sun's disc.

Photography using the solar filter!

The Sun always shows some exciting detail. Keep a record of the spots and flares with your camera and become a solar photographer. You can also keep track of how an entire sunspot group evolves. Nothing could be easier! By the way - the matching adapter for your particular telescope can be found in our accessories section.

Our expert comment:

Will this solar filter fit on my telescope if I do not have the Omegon Basic telescope?

You can find which solar filter fits on your telescope quickly and easily. Click on the Downloads tab and open the Solar Filter Table. Here you can see which filter fits on which Omegon Basic telescope.

If you use another make of telescope, use the 'Telescope front Diameter' column to see which outer diameter you need to have so that the filter will fit on your telescope.

  • a green code means that the filter fits exactly
  • a yellow code means that the filter will fit, but you should glue on a thin strip of foam.



Free transmission (mm)
lens filters
Fits ...
118-124 (objective lens outside diameter)
Internal diameter max. (mm)
Internal diameter min. (mm)


Outer material
Synthetic material
Diameter (mm)
Solar Filters
Type of build
white light

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Omegon solar filter, 114mm
The Omegon solar filter fits onto the lens like so. Now everything is ready for your solar observing.

Customer reviews

Good for the price

Review by nubs29 on 15.06.2021 12:57:26

( 4 / 5 )

I think this filter is quite good, you can really see good detail and sunspots on the sun. I watched the eclipse with it, it was good. I would recommend it if this is your first time trying to observe the Sun with a telescope, it will be fun, but It's not the best for more serious imaging of the Sun.
This filter fits really well on the Orion SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dobsonian telescope, so I don't think you need the Omegon basic telescope.

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