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Astronomy > Mountings & accessories > Mounting plates and rails > Omegon > Omegon universal mounting plate Losmandy style (short)
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universal mounting plate Losmandy style (short)

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Product description

Omegon Losmandy-style plate - easy adaptation for 3" mounts

If you want to elegantly and securely connect your telescope or camera equipment to a mount with a 3" (Losmandy-style) connector and without having to tinker around with it or resort to drilling - then this Omegon Losmandy-style plate is just the job.

Mount your telescope in just a couple of minutes

This Omegon mounting plate can deal with any task involving a connection between mount and instrument for you. Usually this will be a telescope, but you can also easily mount virtually any conceivable device. The plate features several 6mm holes for exactly this purpose. This makes attaching your instruments extremely easy and you will no longer have to fiddle around to get things to fit. The pre-drilled holes are normally more than adequate for the task.

Solid aluminium plate - ready-made for heavy telescope loads

The heavy-duty dovetail plate is machined from solid aluminium and is 13mm thick and 100mm in width. If you have a somewhat larger telescope or other type of heavy equipment, then this mounting plate is more than adequate. The simple dovetail on many telescopes can be a weak point. But this plate is a massive bridge that securely connects the two main parts of a telescope system to each other.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 3" prism rail, 200mm in length
  • suitable for shorter telescopic OTAs or large camera equipment
  • 19 holes, 6mm in diameter - for individual adjustments
  • slot, e.g. for a separate photo-thread screw
  • each screw head smaller than 10mm diameter can be sunk into the plate by up to 4mm



Weight (g)
525 (shipping weight)
Length (mm)
Prism rail
Width (mm)
Type of build
Height (mm)
Omegon universal mounting plate Losmandy style (short)
Omegon universal mounting plate Losmandy style (short)
Omegon universal mounting plate Losmandy style (short)

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