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Binoculars > Accessories > Mounts > Omegon > Omegon binocular mount with counterweight
Product no.: 49757

binocular mount with counterweight

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Product description

Make observing the night sky with large binoculars more fun

Here is a mount for binoculars that lets you glide smoothly from object to object. Instrument slip and an overloaded tripod head are now a thing of the past. This mounting makes a huge difference - it now lets you balance your large binoculars with a counterweight. So no more annoying juddering - it seems to float around the night sky.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • gentle - relieves your tripod head with a counterweight
  • L-rail - can connect any binoculars to a tripod thread
  • 45° binocular holder
  • Arca-Swiss rail - a uniformly standardized 41mm width prism rail system
  • counterweight rod, 130mm in length with photo screw

A pair of large binoculars is no lightweight - you know that of course. But it also means that the instrument will start to slip through a tripod head at an angle of about 45°. The weight on the head is simply too high.

There are only two options for avoiding this - a robust fork mount or the new Omegon binocular mount. The advantage of this product is that you can keep your tripod - the mount simply fits on top of it. Things could not be simpler!

Tip before purchasing: make sure that your tripod head can accommodate a 41mm wide prism rail.

Included in delivery

  • mounting rail with 45° binoculars
  • metal binoculars adapter (black)
  • counterweight, 1kg



Load capacity (kg)


Weight (g)
Length (mm)

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Omegon binocular mount with counterweight
The binoculars appear to almost float on the tripod. Now your trip into the night sky can start.

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