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Vixen Telescope AC 62/520 A62SS Mobile Porta

Product no.: 64567
Manufacturer: Vixen

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Vixen Telescope AC 62/520 A62SS Mobile Porta
Vixen Telescope AC 62/520 A62SS Mobile Porta
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Product description:

The Vixen A62SS comes with an aluminum tube and dew shield that is finished in Vixen astronomical white. The dew shield retracts reducing the length of the telescope from 370mm to 305mm making for easy storage. Extending the dew-shield minimizes dewing of the objective lens at night and works as a glare shade during the daytime.

The Objective lens: D=62mm F=520mm (f/8.4) consists of 4 Achromatic lens that are multicoated and configured perfectly to give this optical tube the best combination of compactness, contrast and resolution. The Vixen A62SS includes a precision Crayford Focuser with a compression ring eyepiece adapter. The extension tube adapter is threaded in 42mm diameter for a T-ring and 37mm for commercial available filters. A scale is engraved on the drawtube. The telescope includes a rotatable focuser. This is useful when doing astro-photography for camera positioning and helpful to look through a finder scope in a convenient position when you use the scope with a variety of mounts. It also comes with a built-in dovetail attachment plate. The base of the dovetail attachment plate has a 1/4 inch thread socket (changeable to 3/8 inch thread socket). This allows the telescope to be attached to either an astronomical mount or standard camera tripod.

The Vixen A62SS features a side face flat lock on the finder bracket shoe that prevents a finder bracket from marring the optical tube. It also comes with a custom designed soft padded case to protect the optical tube and includes additional cutouts for a variety of accessories.

Mobile Porta: A small but excellent transportable mount: Ideal for a quick observation without time-consuming set-up, or for travel.

The new compact design and low weight makes the Mobile Porta ready for use in just a few simple steps, and very portable. The new multi-arm is easy to adjust to the correct angle before observation, so that for each application and each instrument a comfortable viewing position is possible: from the view of the valley, up to the zenith - even with long focal length refractors.

The foldable multi-arm is also especially compact for transport - a well thought-out design!

In addition to these new features the Mobile Porta also offers the tried and tested characteristics of the Porta range such as slipper clutch and slow motion.

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AC 62/520 A62SS
Mobile Porta
The resistance of the slip clutch is adjustable and so can be adapted to optics of different weights.

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