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Night vision devices & thermal cameras > Instruments > Thermal imaging cameras > Omegon > Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi
Product no.: 75424

Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi

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Product description

Thermalfox thermal camera: Your seeing eye at night
You can observe in absolute darkness with this thermal camera, and at such distances that you will immediately recognize wild animals or any other object. The uncooled focal plane sensor delivers a razor-sharp infrared image and a field of view of more than 10°. And, to ensure that you miss nothing at night, you can capture everything in a photograph with a single click.

The highlights at a glance:

  • 35mm lens and infrared thermal image sensor: a crystal-clear image at night
  • Detect every object, even in absolute darkness
  • Long range: detect objects from a distance of up to 1,200 meters
  • Four colour modes for thermal images in pseudo colours or for particularly good contrast in grey tones
  • Zoom function: get closer to distant objects with 2x and 4x magnification to distinguish more details
  • Photography function: large internal memory to capture photos for later transfer to a PC
  • Built-in, high-performance battery for over 6 hours of continuous operation
  • The outdoor expert: made of metal, shock-proof and built for all weather conditions
  • From now on, darkness is no longer an issue for you

Picture with colours or in super contrast
When it's getting ever darker and you can no longer see your hand in front of your face. When any residual forest light is just a figment of your imagination. Then the time has come for your new thermal imaging camera. With one glance you can detect everything - even things that should still be hidden behind a bush. A button toggles between colour modes and an image with super-high contrast. In total, this thermal imaging camera offers four different image functions:

  • Pseudo colours with thermal zones
  • Hot metal
  • White heat
  • Black heat

35mm lens with adjustable focus
The 35mm lens can be easily focussed and offers you all ranges from one metre to infinity.

Long range: detect objects up to 330 metres with certainty
While standard night vision devices only cover a short range, this thermal imaging camera's range extends to a huge distance:

  • Detection range 1,200 metres
  • You can detect individual objects up to 330 metres
  • Specific details for an object can be identified up to 160 metres distant

Capture what you see
One click is all you need to capture what you are observing in a photo. With 8 GB of internal memory, there is room for numerous images. Enough for a whole night. Later, you can easily transfer the images to your PC via the micro USB port.

Sits comfortably in the hand
Ready to hand for a quick look: the practically-shaped non-slip design means that the thermal camera sits comfortably and securely in your hand. Once you have turned the device on, simply place each finger on one of the four buttons for mode, zoom, and photos. You'll never have to search for the buttons in the dark, you will always press the right one.

For hunting, rescue and observation
Whether for reconnaissance in the forest when hunting, rescuing roe deer, or detecting active animals in your garden at night: there are an almost unlimited number of uses for a thermal camera. The Thermalfox is also the perfect device for guarding objects, security services and for detecting thermal bridges. A real fox in the night!

Additional data:

  • 1/4" thread to connect to a camera tripod
  • Rubber eyecup to protect from stray light, allowing you to enjoy an even better image
  • Large rubber buttons for outdoor use, easily operated even when wearing gloves
  • Shock-resistant up to a drop height of 1 metre
  • Eyepiece adjustable +/- 3dpt
  • internal memory 8GB

Scope of supply:

  • Thermal camera with lens cap
  • Case
  • USB cable

Optional accessories:

  • External carrying handle
  • External LCD screen



Type of build
Thermal imaging camera
1, 2, 4
Maximum operating distance (m)
Sensor type
Pixel size
Image display
Different versions
Image cycle rate (Hz)
Battery durability (h)
Display resolution (Pixel)

Special features

Infrared illuminator
Digital imaging
Video connection
Overexposure protection

Field of view

True field of view (°)
10,7 x 8

Area of application

Object protection & observation
Hunting & and nature observation
Navigation & Fishing
Cave exploration & Camping


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

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Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi
Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi
Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi
Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi
Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi
Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi
Omegon Thermalfox thermal camera with WiFi

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