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Product no.: 71618

Proton XQ50 monocular thermal imaging unit

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Product description

Proton XQ30 monocular thermal imaging unit

  • Light and compact / 8 colour palettes
  • Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor / shock-proof magnesium alloy housing
  • Image Detail Boost for improved target acquisition
  • Built-in photo and video recorder with 16GB memory
  • Recommended for use with daylight optics with 1.5-4x magnification
  • Recoil-resistant with high calibre: 12 bore, 9.3x64, .375H&H and compact

A low weight is especially important when the unit is mounted onto a weapon, thereby increasing its weight. The device's compact size facilitates operation and storage.

Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor

The microbolometer with NETD <40 MK guarantees the detection of details with low temperature contrast. Rain, snow, fog, an early morning after a cold night - the Proton XQ clearly shows the smallest temperature differences even when observing under the most unfavourable conditions for the hunter and his equipment.

Stable point of impact

A sequential layout of optical and electronic components as well as a highly precise alignment of the optical and software elements ensures that, during night-time use, the sports shooter does not need to consider the presence of the unit in front of the rifle scope lens, and no additional adjustments are required when taking aim. The module's design ensures a stable point of impact when the unit is mounted in front of a daytime rifle scope and is refocused at different distances.

Quick-release adapter with a mechanism for precisely aligning the unit's display in the optical device's field of view

The Proton XQ30 is connected to the daytime optical device using a new Pulsar PSP adapter. The adapter has a quick-release mechanism so that the unit can be detached and reattached in seconds. The precise positioning mechanism allows for the central alignment of the thermal image within the daytime optics' field of view, in order to ensure the greatest observation comfort.

Recoil-resistant with high calibre: 12 bore, 9.3x64, .375H&H Proven shock resitance - up to 6,000J - for flawless performance with high calibre rifles and smooth-bore hunting weapons (12 bore, 9.3x64, .375H&H) Simple conversion of the module into a thermal imaging observation device (please observe the hunting laws in your location)

A few seconds and a monocular Pulsar 5x30B are all you need to remove the Proton XQ30 from the rifle scope and convert it into a thermal imaging observation device with 5 times magnification. Thanks to a bayonet lock, the Pulsar 5x30B monocular can be easily and safely connected to the thermal imaging unit, and is just as easy to disconnect. An important feature is that, when used with the Pulsar 5x30B monocular, the PSP adapter that attaches the Proton XQ30 to the optical rifle scope can remain on the thermal imaging unit. This enables the Proton XQ30 to be converted easily and quickly from a module to a thermal imaging monocular and back.

Shock-proof magnesium alloy housing

The robust and lightweight magnesium alloy housing has a high structural rigidity, protects the unit from shocks and vibrations when firing large-calibre hunting weapons, and ensures stable ballistic performance during operation. The metal of the housing, which is resistant to external mechanical, temperature and climatic influences, effectively removes and dissipates heat from the unit's electronic components, thereby increasing the quality of its operation.

Wi-Fi. Integration with iOS and Android devices using the free Stream Vision app

The built-in Wi-Fi module enables the Proton unit to connect to Android or iOS smartphones and tablets using the free Stream Vision app. When combined with a smartphone, the thermal imaging camera offers a number of unique features such as live-streaming to a smartphone, motion detection, multimedia file transfer and sharing, firmware update, remote control of device settings and many others.

8 colour palettes

The eight-colour palette facilitates observation, performs a variety of tasks and enables a quick reaction to changing observation conditions. The White Hot, Black Hot, and Red Hot palettes are ideal for object detection, while the Rainbow and Ultramarine palettes enhance recognition and identification capabilities. The Red Monochrome, Sepia and Violet palettes are best suited to longer periods of night time observation.

IPX7-rated waterproof

IPX7-rated waterproof for protection from heavy rain, snow or other precipitation. The Proton is designed to function perfectly even after being immersed in 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

High-contrast AMOLED display

The AMOLED display delivers a sharp, high-contrast image. The display features low power consumption, a wide dynamic range and a short response time, and ensures sharp and fluid images during observation while on the move or in freezing conditions.

Quick-change APS5 battery

The high-performance Li-Ion quick-change APS5 battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation from a single charge. The safety and durability of APS5 batteries are guaranteed by built-in electronic protection systems. The battery can be removed from the battery compartment in a few seconds and replaced with a new one.



Type of build
Thermal imaging camera
1 - 5
Detection distance (m)
Sensor resolution (Pixel)
Pixel size
Image display
Different versions
Battery durability (h)

Special features

Digital imaging
Overexposure protection
Threaded tripod connector

Field of view

Close focus limit (m)

Area of application

Object protection & observation
Hunting & and nature observation
Navigation & Fishing
Cave exploration & Camping


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)


Battery type
Specific to manufacturer

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