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Up to 35% off large binoculars: discover the starry sky with Omegon

June 1 2024, Marcus Schenk

Are you a hobby astronomer or nature watcher looking for a pair of binoculars that will reveal every detail? Then take advantage of our special offers on large binoculars and save up to 35% for a limited period only.

Vividly experience the beauty of the universe with Omegon binoculars. Or, when observing nature, bring distant objects up close. On a stable tripod, these binoculars with their large objective lens diameter will reveal the full light-gathering capability that only binoculars with lenses of 50mm or more can deliver.

A short overview of the binocular series: bargains for June and July

Explore nature by day and by night with Brightsky binoculars. At up to 100mm in diameter, their large, multi-coated objective lenses collect plenty of light – even at dusk. Choose between 45° angled eyepieces for nature watching, or 90° for observing the stars. The magnesium housing ensures that your binoculars are particularly lightweight, and it is waterproof and nitrogen-purged. Brightsky binoculars combine well with a sturdy tripod or with the Omegon Colossus mount.


Ultra-light binoculars for observing stars and nature. With its magnesium housing, it is lightweight and perfect for outdoor use. Thanks to BAK-4 prisms and multi-coating, you will enjoy crisp contrast combined with high edge sharpness. Argus binoculars are comfortable to use, even for spectacles wearers. The eyepieces are individually focusable for stable, balanced sharpness.

Nightstar is the entry-level series of binoculars designed for observing the night sky. The already well-priced but good-quality binoculars are now even more of a bargain. An insider’s tip is the popular 20+40×100 binoculars: with these you can really dive deep into the starry sky.

Take a look at our low prices on astronomy binoculars – only until the end of July 2024.


Shoot your bargain: ZEISS game cameras at a special price!

May 15 2024, Stefan Rieger

ZEISS Secacam

Now and for a short time only, we have reduced the sales prices for the ZEISS Secacam 5 and Secacam 7 wildlife cameras. See live what is happening in the hunting ground or monitor your house, warehouse or other objects that you want to keep an eye on from anywhere.

We can offer you these wildlife and surveillance cameras at a bargain price until 5 June, so grab them quickly!


May 8 2024, Stefan Rieger

Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS 12x28

Most people know the problem: you often want to see more details, but you don’t want to take a spotting scope with you. And binoculars with a higher magnification are so wobbly that the magnification advantage cannot be utilised. For this reason, binoculars with an image stabiliser have been developed.

Now we can offer you the Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS 12×28 at a special price for a short time.

Enjoy unblurred observations and grab them quickly!

250 € voucher for free: with the purchase of an Omegon 84mm HD spotting scope

May 8 2024, Marcus Schenk

Experience nature up close: The Omegon Zoom-Spotting Scope ED 20-60x84mm HD makes it possible. This high-quality spotting scope shows the beauty of wildlife right before your eyes.

For a limited time we are offering a 250 EUR voucher with the purchase of an Omegon Zoom-Spotting Scope ED 20-60x84mm HD. Take this exclusive opportunity for the enhancement of your nature observations!

• With an 84mm objective lens opening excellent observations are possible, even at dusk when the contrast in basic spotting scopes begins to fade. The ED optics ensure crystal-clear vision with brighter images.

• Simply practical: Combine the Omegon spotting scope with any 1.25-inch eyepieces. For example with a simple 15mm eyepiece you will achieve a wide view with 32x magnification – an experience otherwise known only from astronomical telescopes.

This is the main reason why this spotting scope of our Omegon model range has been a popular companion for nature observers for quite a long time now.

Act now and safe yourself this exceptional spotting scope including a 250 EUR voucher!

Please not that this offer is only valid from May 1st until July 31st, 2024. The voucher is redeemable until December 31st, 2027. Available only while supplies last!


April 22 2024, Stefan Rieger

For a short time, we have reduced the sales prices for many of the top brands by 10%!

E.g. for binoculars and scopes of the brands ZEISS, Leica, Swarovski, Fujinon, Meopta, Nikon, Steiner, Kowa, DDoptics, Minox, Hawke

So take advantage and benefit from our special prices!

Easter gifts for nature lovers!

March 11 2024, Stefan Taube

Celebrate the start of the most beautiful season with us! Make yourself and your loved ones happy!

We offer selected gifts for young nature lovers and old hands alike:


For walks and hikes in Springtime:

If you have binoculars with you, you can see more. Nature comes closer. We offer a wide range of binoculars for nature and bird watching.

  • A monocular fits in every pocket and is quickly to hand for a closer look at animals or plants:

Omegon Orange 8×42 monocular

  • Binoculars with a roof prism are also compact, but allow comfortable binocular viewing. With 42 millimetre lenses, the Talron 8×42 is bright enough to provide a clear image even in dark forests or at dusk:

Omegon Talron HD 8×42


For a view at the Stars:

In spring, the nights are no longer freezing cold, but they are still relatively long and dark. This is the ideal time to start observing the sky!

  • Until 31 March you will receive an additional voucher of 100,- Euro with the purchase of a Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2. This allows you to order additional accessories now or at a later date.

Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2 + voucher at a Value of 100 Euro

  • Many nature lovers got their first taste of sky observation with a Skywatcher Dobsonian telescope. These telescopes are reasonably priced for their size and easy to use. We offer all models in this successful telescope series:



Be inspired by our ideas and discover the reawakening of nature!

Browse through our Easter gift ideas and give yourself and your loved ones a little treat!


March 8 2024, Stefan Rieger

Kahles Helia TI+ Offer

Especially when hunting wild boar at night, thermal imaging cameras are an accessory that no hunter would want to miss these days. Moreover, a thermal imaging camera can also highly support you in searching other animals, like fawns in the grass, hares and rabbits in the field or birds in the bushes.

For all those who are not yet equipped or do already have an outdated device, we can currently make a great offer!
The Kahles Helia TI 18+ and TI35+ Thermal Imaging cameras for € 1980! This means more than 30% discount compared to the former recommended retail price of € 2950.

Both models have high-resolution thermal sensors with 640×512, a pixel size of 12µm and a temperature resolution of < 20 Millikelvin. They differ in the lens used and therefore in their magnification, field of view and intended use.

The Kahles HELIA TI18+ has a focal length of 17.5mm and a field of view of 44m/100m, making it the expert for forest hunters. The Kahles HELIA TI35+ offers 35mm and a 2x basic magnification. The field of view is 22m/100m and the maximum range is over 2400 meters. This makes it an all-rounder for forest and field hunting.

Go for it! This great offer is valid until July 30th, 2024!

ZEISS cashback campaign: Up to €450 back on your new binoculars

December 4 2023, Stefan Rieger

ZEISS CashbackHave you been thinking of buying a new pair of ZEISS binoculars for some time, or would you like to offer one as a Christmas present? ZEISS and us will make the decision a little easier for you.

ZEISS will refund you up to €450 after your purchase, depending on the model:

Here you can find more information about the campaign, eligible countries (sorry, the offer does not apply to sales to the UK) and here you can register your binoculars!

Take advantage of this promotion between 01.12.2023 and 29.02.2024 and get your money back from ZEISS!

Special winter offer: discounts on Nikon Prostaff P3 and Monarch M7 series of binoculars

November 8 2023, Stefan Rieger

Take advantage of Nikon’s winter discount which runs from 27.10.2023 to 29.01.2024. On selected binoculars in the Prostaff P3 and Monarch M7 series you will receive a discount of €30 or even €60!

The details:

This discount has already been deducted from the listed price.

So no matter whether you are buying binoculars for yourself or as a gift this Christmas, you can take advantage of this promotion, which is valid until 29.01.2024!

Special offer: up to 25% discount on thermal imaging cameras and clip-ons from ZEISS

November 8 2023, Stefan Rieger

ZEISS Wärmebildkameras DTI 6

Just in time for the long winter nights, ZEISS has lowered their recommended retail price on some thermal imaging cameras and clip-ons. Now you can really improve your chances of bagging your prey at dusk!

The following products are currently on special offer: ZEISS DTI 6/40 and DTI 6/20 thermal imaging cameras and the DTC 3/25 and DTC 3/38 clip-ons.

ZEISS Wärmebild-Vorsatzgeräte DTC 3

These price reductions are valid until 31.12.2023! Don’t miss this opportunity to save up to 25% compared to the former recommended retail prices.