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Binoculars > Accessories > Mountings > Omegon > Pro > Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount for large binoculars

Product description

Use two eyes to glide through space

A premium fork mount to reach every celestial target at flying speed.

Float above the clouds. You too can get this feeling - with the new Neptune premium fork mount. Discover how easily you can guide large, heavy binoculars in all directions across the sky. Items which normal tripod heads cannot support, now seem really light. You can now steer your large binoculars towards any target using just your little finger. Making observations seem weightless.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Massive fork mount for large, heavy binoculars with an objective aperture of up to 110mm or a width of up to 290mm
  • Anodised aluminium, sturdy profile and very high quality workmanship, so that you can enjoy observing for many years to come
  • Seamless movement facilitated by Teflon bearings along both axes, so that you can smoothly reach and easily follow every target
  • Height adjustable between 90 degrees and -30 degrees: Meaning that you can observe from the zenith to the valleys
  • Quality in every detail: Designed by experienced observers, manufactured in Portugal

Your fork mount of choice
As an observer, you will be familiar with the experience of mounting heavy binoculars on a tripod. Everything wobbles, the tripod head groans and you moan. Positioning objects is impossible. How is observing supposed to work like this? Using your hands? Forget it. Using a stable fork mount turns observation into a joy. The new Neptune mount holds large binoculars with an aperture of up to 110mm. Using a tareable cradle, observation feels like floating from object to object.

Move from 90 to -30 degrees easily
Whether high in the sky or close to the ground, you can access all directions using your binoculars. Due to the curved fork shape, observing is possible right up to the zenith. What would it be like to look deep into a valley when you are up a mountain? Or at a high viewpoint with great visibility? Tasks which remain impossible with most fork mounts are now possible.

It is a fork mount for skywatchers and nature watchers who have already tried plenty and are now wanting quality.

Teflon bearings along both axes
How do we easily reach our target despite heave binoculars? Our developers thought about this and are now presenting the solution: unique, smooth Teflon bearings along both axes. This sounds simple but, as we see on other mounts, it is very difficult to implement. But this comprises a large part of what makes observation enjoyable. You can now set your target without breaking a sweat.

The power of
anodised aluminium, smooth surfaces and rounded edges resulting in a mount with a finish which wins you over in every way due to its quality. It supports binoculars up to 9 kilograms in weight - but only weighs 4.25 kilograms itself.

Sandwich prism rail
With a length of 150mm and a width of 55mm, the sandwich prism rail lays the foundations for super fast assembly. The lower part remains on the mount, the upper part on your binoculars. Join them together in less than no time, without tools, and you are ready to gaze into the far distance.

Tip: We recommend mounting the fork mount on a sturdy tripod with a load capacity of at least 10 kilograms.

360-degree scale
A fantastic view in all directions. The blue sky above you, the mountain peaks in the distance and the snow lighting up. You can capture this professionally in a panoramic photo. Mount a heavy camera and marvel at your work later in your photos. This works amazingly with the finely tuned 360-degree scale.

Manufactured in Portugal
This very high quality fork mount is deliberately manufactured in a small factory in Portugal. Skilled workers carefully combine each detail so that one of the best mounts for binoculars to-date is created from aluminium and bearings.

Additional features:

  • 3/8“ thread for attaching to a tripod
  • 1/4“ camera screw to lock the binoculars in place
  • Scales along the vertical and azimuthal axes
  • Clamping screws on both axes
  • Height-adjustable foundation rail to adjust the centre of gravity


Fork mount (without tripod)



Load capacity (kg)
Connection (other end of adaptor)


Overall size LxWxH (mm)

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Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount for large binoculars

Premium fork mount for large, heavy binoculars up to 290mm in width

Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount for large binoculars

Thanks to the large Teflon bearings, you can move large binoculars smoothly in all directions

Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount for large binoculars

Simple assembly using sandwich prism rails

Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount for large binoculars

Tilting up to -30 degrees: Perfect for observing down into valleys from elevated positions

Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount for large binoculars

360-degree scale: For perfect panoramic views or panoramas with large cameras

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