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Binoculars > Instruments > Omegon > Brightsky > Omegon Brightsky 30x100 90° binoculars including Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod
Product no.: 69529

Brightsky 30x100 90° binoculars including Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod

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Product description

More about the series Brightsky...

This set has been put together for you by our experts and consists of the following items: Omegon Brightsky 30x100 90° binoculars, Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount, Omegon Pro 40mm carbon tripod and centre column with crank mechanism.

"I want binoculars and a fork mount that can show me what's possible."

Simply start among the stars. Explore the heavens with both eyes with this set consisting of large binoculars, fork mount and tripod. You don't need to worry about the individual components, because everything already fits together. See for yourself - the most stable combination of binoculars and fork mount that we know of. Enjoy the freedom to observe with both eyes.

Binoculars for astronomical observations

For many star lovers, there is nothing better than exploring the sky with both eyes - it feels natural and relaxed. With these large binoculars you will discover star clusters and gas nebulae and you can wander around the Milky Way. Enjoy amazing views with the interchangeable 18mm flatfield eyepieces. With large coated lenses, they collect light even at dusk and offer clear, sharp images - even for objects that are far away.

The highlights at a glance:

  • 90° angled eyepieces for relaxed astronomical observations to the zenith
  • Interchangeable eyepieces: so you can also use your own existing eyepieces and various magnifications
  • Waterproof and nitrogen-filled: so your binoculars are ready for any weather and give you a clear image even when damp
  • The magnesium housing ensures that your binoculars are especially lightweight, so that they can always be at your side on excursions
  • Multi-coated to prevent reflections - for a brilliant, sharp image

Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount for large binoculars

Weightless observing with premium fork mount
After all, observing with large binoculars can only truly be a pleasure with a stable fork mount. The new Neptune carries even heavy large binoculars with an aperture of up to 110mm and a weight of 9kg, with no groans from the tripod head.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Solid aluminium fork mount for heavy large binoculars with up to 110mm lens diameter
  • Teflon bearings in both axes for smooth navigation
  • Altitude is adjustable between 90 and -30 degrees: beautiful views from the zenith to the valley

Designed by experts for nature and celestial observers

Thanks to a uniquely soft Teflon bearing in both axes, you can set and track your targets without any great effort. With an altitude djustable between 90 and -30 degrees and the curved fork shape, you can comfortably look from the zenith down into

the valley. The sandwich prism rail with a length of 150mm and a width of 55mm ensures quick assembly.

Omegon Pro 40mm carbon tripod
A top-class carbon tripod

The large Omegon Pro carbon tripod gives everything a rock-solid footing on its high-quality-finished 40mm tripod legs. You can easily mount solid large binoculars or heavy cameras and cinema-capable camcorders weighing up to 50kg.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Ultra-stable carbon fibre tripod up to 1.90m in height for vibration-free observing
  • 40mm tripod legs confidently carry even heavy equipment
  • Solid support on any terrain thanks to adjustable legs, steel tips and rubber feet
  • Large adapter plate for tripod heads with 3/8" thread, because a large contact area is a prerequisite for a firm grip
  • Carrying capacity up to 50kg despite its own weight of just 3.4kg

Individually-adjustable and always stable

With this rugged carbon tripod you can finally say goodbye to optics that sway and shake in front of your eyes. Whether on a wooden floor, in sand dunes or on a steep mountain meadow: with the individually adjustable legs, you are guaranteed

solid support on any terrain. The tripod can be extended up to 1.90m in height. But with this set you don't need this, because even when the legs are not fully extended, you still reach a comfortable height. Your advantage: even more stability. You

can attach all suitable tripod heads and of course a fork mount on a generous 100 mm adapter plate with 3/8'' thread, or replace these with a centre column.

Centre column with crank mechanism

New heights of comfort with crank centre column

A centre column is the perfect add-on to the tripod. With it, you gain more working height and more scope for your observations in an instant. And without laboriously changing the position, or adjusting the length of the tripod legs. Even heavy large

binoculars can be precisely aligned in this way.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Up to 34cm more working height: the crank mechanism ensures the smooth and safe positioning of even heavy equipment
  • Anodized and brushed aluminium increases strength and stability
  • Replaceable 3/8'' and 1/4'' screws at both ends

Up to 34cm more working height: more flexible observing
The 1.90m working height of the tripod is extended by up to 34cm by attaching the column. The crank mechanism makes it possible to adjust the height smoothly and safely. The column remains strong and solid due to the aluminium. A twist lock ensures additional support and a stable alignment of the fork mount and the binoculars.



Type of build
Porro prisms
Front lens diameter (mm)
Focal length (mm)
Eye relief (mm)
Exit pupil (mm)
Interpupillar distance (mm)
56 - 83
Lens coating
fully, multiple
Focusing system
Single focusing
Diopter-adjustment side
on both sides
Eyepiece cups
Load capacity (kg)
Connection (other end of adaptor)

Special features

Eyepieces for spectacle wearers
Threaded tripod connector
Tripod connector on underside (1/4 + 3/8)
inert gas charge
Lens cover
eyepiece cap
Zoom function
Image stabilizer
Protection bag

Field of view

True field of view (°)
Apparent field of view (°)
Field of view at 1,000 m (m)
Close focus limit (m)
Light intensity
Twilight factor


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

Area of application

very good
not recommended
Travel and sports
not recommended
not recommended
not recommended
Bird watching
not recommended

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Omegon Brightsky 30x100 90° binoculars including Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod
Omegon Brightsky 30x100 90° binoculars including Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod
Omegon Brightsky 30x100 90° binoculars including Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod
Omegon Brightsky 30x100 90° binoculars including Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod

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