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Product no.: 73880

Nightstar 20+40x100 Doublet binoculars with interchangeable eyepieces

$ 1,490.00 incl. VAT
Product can be shipped as of 01.10.2022 + lead time

Product description

Omegon Nightstar - enter a world of stars with both eyes open
Do you love observing the stars using two eyes? Our classic model, the Omegon Nightstar, is fast and perfectly suited to skywatching with its 100mm objective aperture. The 45-degree scope provides a comfortable visual experience. So you can enjoy star clusters, nebulae and a stroll through the Milky Way.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Multi-coated doublet lens for sharp images
  • For comprehensive overviews and impressive details: Eyepieces for 20- and 40-fold magnification
  • More opportunities with more eyepieces: Also use other 1.25" astronomical eyepieces
  • Precisely adjustable pupillary distance and individually focusable
  • 1/4" connection screw for simple mounting on a sturdy tripod
  • You can observe in comfort, as keeping both eyes open prevents eye strain

A lens with contrast: Observe fine details
Observations using binoculars are razor sharp. This is thanks to the multi-coated doublet lens. With its 100mm lens aperture, the Nightstar gathers large amounts of light and also creates bright pictures at dusk - when you want to watch deer at the edge of the woods.

The freedom to choose more eyepieces
Two pairs of eyepieces are included, giving you more opportunities to enhance your large binoculars. Simply use another 1.25" eyepiece from the range of astronomical accessories and increase the magnification or expand your visual field. Amazing observations without borders are now real.

Tip: Magnification for other eyepieces is calculated as follows: 560/eyepiece focal length in millimetres. For example: 560mm/12mm=46.6. In this example, you would use a 12mm eyepiece to achieve 46-fold magnification. 100-fold magnification is a sensible upper limit.

Bracket for finderscope
Using a red dot finder or an optical finderscope, you can find celestial objects quickly and simply. The correct bracket for this is already on your Nightstar. Simply use a finderscope which is available to you or one of the innumerable models from our range of astronomical accessories. This makes finding quicker than seeking.

Dew shield for better visibility
Thanks to the extending dew shield, dew can be kept away from the lenses and visibility of celestial objects can also be improve. Also useful for preventing scattered light and improving contrast.

Portable binoculars
The Nightstar binoculars can be comfortably transported. For this purpose, they are equipped with a central carry handle. So you can easily place them on a tripod or lift them out of their carry case. En route to large goals, you can always have a handle on things.


  • Nightstar 20+40x100 large binoculars
  • Lens cap
  • 2 eyepiece sets (4 eyepieces) with 20-fold and 40-fold magnification
  • Transport case with foam inserts

Tip: Looking for a suitable tripod? The Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod is a perfect addition for Nightstar large binoculars.



Type of build
Porro prisms
40 (20+40)
Front lens diameter (mm)
Exit pupil (mm)
5,0 (5,0 at 20x / 2,5 at 40x)
Eye relief (mm)
Diopter compensation
+/- 4
Interpupillar distance (mm)
Glass material
Focusing system
Single focusing
Lens coating
fully, multiple
Diopter-adjustment side
on both sides (Single eyepiece focusing)

Special features

Zoom function
Eyepieces for spectacle wearers
Image stabilizer
Protection bag
Aluminium case
Threaded tripod connector
Direct connection w/o adapter

Field of view

True field of view (°)
2,7 (2.5 at 20x / 1.5 at 40x)
Apparent field of view (°)
54,0 (54 at 20x / 58.4 at 40x)
Field of view at 1,000 m (m)
47 (47 at 25x / 25 at 40x)
Close focus limit (m)
Light intensity
25,0 (25.0 at 20x / 6.3 at 40x)
Twilight factor
63,2 (44,7 at 20x / 63,2 at 40x)


Surface material
Rubber armouring
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

Area of application

very good
not recommended
Travel and sports
not recommended
not recommended
not recommended
Bird watching
not recommended

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