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Binoculars > Instruments > ZEISS > Victory > ZEISS Binoculars Victory HT 10x54
Product no.: 44241

Binoculars Victory HT 10x54

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Product description

The new VICTORY HT binoculars excel with the unprecedented brightness of the image. They owe their innovative optical design to Schott HT high transmission glass which makes them the lightest premium binoculars in the world. This is not only interesting for nature watchers, but of special interest to hunters - who they allow to observe deep into the twilight with the new Victory HT binoculars. The perfect ergonomic design is thanks to the Comfort Focus Concept which allows relaxed use.

The elegant design and the extremely robust 'double-link bridge' ensure the highest precision and maximum durability.

Victory HT line of binoculars features

Innovative optics concept

The innovative optical concept developed for the VICTORY HT line ensures unique top-class performance thanks to a light transmission of 95% or more. The perfect combination of SCHOTT HT glasses, ZEISS T* multi-layer coating and the Abbe-König prism system making this possible. Observe animals active at twilight, such as nightingales early in the morning and bats, owls, and shy game later in the evening. This powerful package of innovations will mean poor light conditions can no longer hide the true splendour of nature.

Brilliant FL concept

Observe the full wealth of colour and brilliance when birdwatching. The superior objective lens construction employing lens elements based on fluoride-containing high-performance glass - FL for short - means you can see colours more brilliantly and naturally, and details such as a bird's plumage will appear much sharper. Irritating colour fringing is absolutely minimal. And important identification details, such as a bird's supercilium, are rendered naturally, with their shapes and coloured areas all clearly demarcated.

LotuTec® coating

As with a lotus leaf or a duck's plumage, water simply beads up and drips off the lens. The LotuTec® coating on the objective lenses and eyepieces ensures that any water or snow is removed from the surface. The fact that neither water nor dirt can stick to the lens surfaces on the VICTORY HT binoculars also naturally means that you will have to clean them less often and so will have more time for your observing.

Ergonomic Comfort Focus concept

The new Comfort Focus focusing wheel concept ensures superb ergonomics. Of striking dimensions, it is located far forwards in the bridge. The advantages become clear the first time you use the binoculars. Your index finger falls automatically on the focusing wheel, with the thumb lightly grasping the binoculars, while the remaining three fingers relax against the index finger. If a bird suddenly pops out in front of you, you don't need to think how to hold the binoculars - you simply focus. The high gearing of the focusing wheel assists fast and precise focusing of the desired object. VICTORY HT binoculars - built to ensure that you do not miss anything when observing!

Extremely robust double-link bridge

The extremely robust design guarantees the highest precision and maximum service life. The housing, with its new double-link bridge, is made of high-strength and super-light magnesium. The focusing wheel is firmly anchored in the housing for sure focusing. VICTORY HT premium binoculars are therefore ideally suited for even the most demanding of uses.

Designed for perfection

The elegant ergonomic design takes the operation of VICTORY HT premium binoculars to a new level of ease. The particularly slim design of the double-link bridge and an extremely large grip surface on the lens tubes offer unmatched natural handling. In any situation and with any grip, you can be sure the image you see won't be 'wobbly'. The design supports the highest demands for a perfect observing experience.



Front lens diameter (mm)
Exit pupil (mm)
Type of build
Lens coating
Phase coating, full multi-coating
Glass material
Fluoride glass (SCHOTT HT glass)
High performance optics
T* multi-layer coating, Abbe-König prisms, LotuTec coating
Focusing system
Central focusing
Eye relief (mm)
Interpupillar distance (mm)
Diopter compensation
Eyepiece cups
Diopter-adjustment side
right side

Special features

Zoom function
Protection bag
Eyepieces for spectacle wearers
Threaded tripod connector
Lens cover
eyepiece cap
Strap fitting
Loops connector, wide

Field of view

Field of view at 1,000 m (m)
Apparent field of view (°)
Close focus limit (m)
Twilight factor


Surface material
Rubber armouring
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

Area of application

very good (Raised hide)
Travel and sports
not recommended
Bird watching
not recommended

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ZEISS Binoculars Victory HT 10x54
Ensures light transmission of 95% or more.

ZEISS Binoculars Victory HT 10x54
Comparison of coating systems: window glass - ZEISS T-single-layer - ZEISS T * multi-layer coating

(6 layers laid over each other)

ZEISS Binoculars Victory HT 10x54
Example image with FL lenses

ZEISS Binoculars Victory HT 10x54
Example image without FL lenses

ZEISS Binoculars Victory HT 10x54
LotuTec coating

allows water to roll off and dirt to be removed more easily.

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