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  • Celestial Buddies (17)

Celestial Buddies are the original furry planets for young and older children. The "Earth" model has even been in space before: on 2nd March 2019, it flew to the ISS in the SpaceX rocket Crew Dragon Rocket. Since then, the cuddly celestial bodies have conquered the world – and space!

Celestial Buddies Mondlandung

Celestial Buddies in space

Celestial Buddies in space

On 2nd March 2019, the SpaceX rocket Crew Dragon Rocket launched, destination ISS - on board was a Celestial Buddies Earth!
With a wink, Elon Musk called him a "super high-tech zero-g indicator", because the buddy was originally intended as a test body to observe weightlessness during the unmanned test flight. So it's official: Celestial Buddies are true to their name!