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A group of problem solvers, outdoor enthusiasts, former army members, adventurers and dedicated creators have come together at Leatherman. It's important that their products prove their worth in the long term, because they themselves rely on them every day. The philosophy is to inspire and equip Leatherman owners for the expected - and also unexpected - setbacks in life that never fail to occur.

Every multifunctional tool and knife that leaves the factory was made by one of the 700 Oregon employees who say with conviction that they love working at Leatherman! They absolutely stand behind their products, true to the motto:

"We don't ask, we just do!"

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The history of LEATHERMAN

Out here in Oregon, we’re used to tackling and solving problems - you could call it the pioneering spirit. That's how folks have always done things. This was the reason why Tim Leatherman built his first multifunctional tool, and why the Leatherman Tool Group is committed to maintaining its business location in the USA. Why? Quite simply, they are proud to support the American workforce who - just like their founder - ensure the superior craftsmanship of the original US multifunctional tools with their dedicated work.

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The founders and the first multi-tool

Tim Leatherman spent his childhood in the US state of Oregon. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University. On his travels, where he stayed in guesthouses and drove around in an unreliable $300 Fiat, Tim developed the concept of a multifunctional tool based on a pair of pliers. "I always had a kind of scout knife with me that I used for just about everything - from cutting bread to repairing the car. But I urgently needed a pair of pliers too!"

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The fundamental idea for the invention

Back in the States, Tim was committed to delivering and patenting his idea. Shortly after his return, he got together with Steve Berliner, a fellow student. Together, they continued to work on the design concept and tried to find potential distribution partners. On 5 July 1983, Tim and Steve officially founded the Leatherman Tool Group, Inc., whose philosophy is founded on just a few very important basic principles: the production of absolutely top-quality products with high customer value. And the company should provide good jobs locally - paying wages that the employees can live on. After nearly a decade of knocking on doors and perfecting his idea, the year finally came when the first multifunctional tool, the Pocket survival Tool (PST), was sold. The rest is history.

Leatherman Imagebild Produktion

30 years later

Thirty years later, the company's success in the USA endures - Leatherman still manufactures the famous multi-tools and knives that can withstand almost anything, and solve every problem that tomorrow may bring. Even though Tim has since retired, his typical American spirit of inventiveness, innovation, and first-class craftsmanship carries on today. When asked about the importance of quality in his company, his answer was simple:

"It has to be perfect, because my name is on every tool."

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